How to Clean A BOB Stroller: 5 Easy Steps

How to Clean A BOB Stroller

Worried about the hygiene of your baby’s stroller? Rest assured about it after going through this guide on how to clean a BOB stroller.

Baby strollers are considered the optimum solution for recent jogger parents. That being said, joggers will not like to sit back at home just because they have to look after their kids. Advanced strollers are now greatly in demand due to the ease they offer such people.

Among the most renowned players in the market, BOB strollers hold a significant name. BOB strollers are highly efficient, provide extreme performance, and keep your kid safe inside. However, these strollers also need superb cleaning for the sake of your child’s health and your convenience. 

Now readers will put up the question: how to clean a BOB stroller? Well, this guide is outlined to answer this question in the simplest way possible. Read the following sections to discover more:

Importance of BOB Stroller and Its Cleanliness 

Strollers are of utmost importance when it comes to providing convenience to recent parents. While we are talking about the importance of a BOB stroller, it is essential to get an elaboration of all the key factors that will let you know how they can benefit you and why their cleaning has so much importance.

Why opt for a BOB stroller?

Why opt for a BOB stroller?

Is it really necessary to purchase a BOB stroller? Some of the reasons for choosing a BOB stroller are outlined as follows:

1. Convenience:

If you are planning an outdoor trip with your little one, you want to keep things as simple as possible. Many people will agree that exploring public places with kids is a bit uncomfortable. You also don’t want to feel that discomfort, so keeping a stroller along is a commendable idea.

Carrying your baby all around could be burdensome and tiresome as well. To avoid both of these things, you can consider purchasing a BOB stroller. This will allow you to enjoy the overall experience of keeping your baby.

2. Flexibility: 

Having a BOB stroller provides you with flexibility and accessibility to do stuff within or outside your home. You are not bound to carry your baby all around and make them sit in the stroller and carry on with your regular activities. This becomes even more beneficial when we talk about running and jogging enthusiasts. 

3. Comfort: 

BOB strollers are not limited only to flexibility and convenience, they also make you comfortable every time you are out with your baby. You may also rest assured that strollers are safe and secure for your baby. Not only you, but your baby will also rest in supreme comfort sitting in that BOB stroller. 

Cleaning Requirements for the BOB Stroller

The cleaning requirements for the BOB stroller increase because your baby’s health is certainly or uncertainly affected by the hygiene of the stroller. If you optimally keep the stroller maintained and clean, then your baby is less susceptible to disease or other health issues. Here we have outlined some reasons to keep the stroller in its best state.

As you take your strollers outdoors, on morning walks, and to various destinations, it will ultimately build up dust, dirt particles, and allergens. All of these factors contribute to making your child ill. Regular cleaning eliminates this risk and keeps your child even safer.

While cleanliness is not limited to the kid’s health, your health also benefits from a clean and sanitized BOB stroller. A poorly maintained stroller can trigger certain health issues for you as well. When coming into constant contact with dirt particles and grime, you may catch allergies and irritating reactions.

Moreover, proper cleaning also boosts the overall appearance of the BOB strollers. As these strollers are designed aesthetically, maintaining their appearance lies with your authority. Cleaning techniques have a pivotal role in boosting the chic look of your strollers. The dirt accumulated on the exterior parts will not make them look pleasing.

Maintenance also determines the lifespan of your BOB strollers. It is worth noting that they are designed for sustainability but without optimal upkeep, it is never possible. The fabric of your stroller may deteriorate and lose its charm with each use if you are not careful about its maintenance. 

Smooth functioning will allow several years of use without paying for the repair costs. In case, you want to pass on the stroller to someone else, its optimal condition will let you have great prices and will also attract even more purchasers.

Detailed Explanation of How to Clean a BOB Stroller

How to Clean a BOB Stroller

We are here to learn how to clean a BOB stroller, and this section will help you do that optimistically. Let us explore the required supplies and the major steps to be followed for the cleaning process.

Assemble What You Need

Assembling all the equipment and tools will not only make your work simpler but it will also reduce the time you might waste in running for the supplies. Though cleaning supplies could include the common items, it’s related to your kid so you need to be attentive while making the choice. Here is a simple list of the supplies:

1. The Cleaning Solutions:

BOB strollers must be cleaned using the most appropriate and gentle cleansing solution because they will ultimately belong to your kid. Cleaning solutions required in the process of how to clean a BOB stroller should be kid-friendly. They must not cause skin irritation or any type of allergic reaction to the kid.

2. Microfiber Cloth:

Such cleaning and wiping clothes are generally lint-free when compared to paper tissues or normal towels. This will allow smooth wiping of the surfaces and prevent scratches or other damages. 

3. Vacuum Cleaner:

Vacuum cleaners come in handy when you are opting for a thorough cleaning. The brush attached at either side could easily suck up the debris and residual components

4. Warm Water:

Warm water will help you create a perfect cleaning solution allowing seamless cleansing. The water must be less warm than it is when boiling ensuring minimal chances of harm to the metal components and fabrics. 

5. Hose Cleaners: 

If you’ve planned to clean the BOB strollers in an open surrounding or outdoor area, then keep hose cleaners handy. This will allow optimal elimination of the cleaning solution, water, and other residual waste.

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Steps of How to Clean a BOB Stroller

Methodical cleaning and following the right techniques are the basic requirements to begin the process of how to clean a BOB stroller. It is highly advisable to go with the suggestions and instructions mentioned in the user manual that came along with your BOB stroller. You may consider this as your foremost step. 

Step 1: Disassembly and Cleaning Solution Preparation

After considering the important instructions and guidelines from the user manual, you may move to disassembly of the components. If possible, then go for removing the canopy, fabrics, and other parts that could be detached. 

Alongside the disassembling process, initiate the preparation of cleaning solutions. Having said that, the cleaning solution may be helpful when the fabric-washing method is being used. Don’t forget to follow the disassembling instructions to make the process stress-free. 

Step 2: Vacuum the entire BOB stroller

Vacuuming is suggested for the entire BOB stroller as it might have accumulated food crumbs, sand, soil, little dirt particles, etc. Vacuum cleaners with accurate pressure will remove these particles without the need to wash them. It is also an ideal cleaning option when there are zero stains on the seat, backside, or wheels. 

Pay extreme attention to the wheels, canopy, crevices, and turnabouts, as these are hard spots and might have accumulated large quantities of such dust particles. Once vacuuming is done, you might not need to wash off the fabric but if required, follow the next step.

Step 3: Wash Off the Fabric Components

For the BOB strollers with stained fabric, washing them off is the best solution available. Being guided by the manual, you can easily remove the fabrics, and using the cleaning solution already prepared, just wash it.

Though washing can be done either by hand or machine, considering the basic requirements is best. Scrub it using firm hands, but ensure to be gentle so that scratches and damage are avoided. 

Step 4: Rinsing and Drying Organically 

Once cleaned, no matter whether using the vacuum cleaner or washing method, rinse the BOB stroller to get rid of the cleaning solution used or any other leftover residual particles. First, using warm water is appreciable, and then start the rinsing process using mild cold water. 

When done, drying the stroller becomes the next crucial step. You cannot use artificial cleaning methods or any dryer equipment to accelerate the process. Stick to dry the entire BOB stroller in the sunlight only. Air drying is also recommended but it may take more time than you expect. 

Step 5: Reassembling and Add Fragrance 

After you make certain that all of the components are properly dried, reassembling is the next burdensome task. Again, before initiating this process, going through the manufacturer’s guide is advised so that you don’t miss out on any part or step while reassembling. 

What about adding a little fragrance to the BOB stroller? By making it a unique idea to allow some pleasant smell, you can boost the freshness of the BOB stroller after its optimal cleansing. Essential oils could be the best here as they are harmless and beneficial for your kid as well.

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Steps to Clean Hard Stains and Bad Odors

Besides the basic cleaning of the BOB strollers, certain hard spots and stains need to be addressed right away. These stains are mostly accidental falls, vomits, or urination, but do you know how to clean a BOB stroller with such stains? Let us learn here:

For Vomits:

There is no exclamation if your stroller has vomiting stains. The task remains to clean it completely. Though this is not so hard, neglecting cleaning might lead to bacteria growth. How to do it? These are the steps:

  • Foremost, clean out the vomited particles, no matter whether solid or liquid, using a towel with high-absorbing properties.
  • Gently clean out that particular area with the help of a damp towel or cloth. This will be followed by cleansing the area with a cleaning solution and moderately hot water. 
  • Baking soda can be an excellent item here as it will eliminate odor and bacteria as well. Consider applying an odoring agent that allows pleasant smells. 

For Urine:

Urine smell is another daunting task that you need to address. As urine smell is almost impossible to tolerate, an odoring mixture is highly required here. Don’t go for artificial products instead consider what is mentioned next:

  • Foremost, dry out the urinated surface using a soft, dry, and absorbent cloth. 
  • You will need vinegar and baking soda in accurately similar quantities mixing them in water allowing a foamy mixture.
  • This mixture is not only odor-repellent but also has disinfectant properties.
  • It’s up to you whether you want to spray the cleaning mixture or opt for the scrubbing method. 
  • No matter what method you opt for, allow the mixture to get absorbed and dry naturally. This absorbs bad smells and allows a smooth disinfection process as well. 

Wrapping It Up: How to Clean a BOB Stroller

It is quite obvious that regular cleaning of your BOB stroller is only a burdensome task for you. Despite being an extra task to the routine, it is much required to maintain the good health of your kid and BOB stroller as well. Opt for cleaning the BOB strollers at least once with a gap of no more than two weeks. 

Well, cleaning at such an interval will need optimal cleaning techniques and steps that could be taken in consultation with the user manual. The steps mentioned in this guide on how to clean a BOB stroller are highly tested by recent parents. We advise you to give a cleaning schedule to your jogging stroller and ensure the best comfort and health of your baby. 

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