How to Clean a Roomba i7 Filter: A Complete Guide

How to Clean a Roomba i7 Filter

How to Clean a Roomba i7 Filter

Are you worried about cleaning your robotic vacuum cleaner? Here is a detailed guide on how to clean a Roomba i7 filter easily and efficiently.

With advanced and fast-paced technology, science has gifted us so many valuable pieces of machinery and appliances. The advanced materialistic gifts are more than a boon to mankind. 

Having said that, no matter whether we opt for kitchen appliances or home improvement ones, they are undeniably beneficial to us. Robotic vacuum cleaners are no exception to this and that’s what makes them a remarkable addition to our household.

iRobot Roomba i7 vacuum cleaners are automatic cleaners being highly in demand these days due to their exceptional features. If you also own such an advanced appliance, then need not mention the importance of its optimal upkeep.

Roomba i7 filters serving as the most crucial part, have a major role in maintenance though. So, you need to keep them clean despite using them regularly. If you don’t know how to clean a Roomba i7 filter, then this guide will surely help you. Read on:

What is the iRobot Roomba i7 Vacuum Cleaner? 

We know that you’re here to learn how to clean a Roomba i7 filter but it is unlikely to be understood until you don’t know what is it. So, invest your little time to understand the iRobot Roomba i7 vacuum cleaner, why is it so recognized, and how can you get to know about its cleaning requirements. 

iRobot Roomba i7 vacuum cleaner is nothing but a tech-savvy vacuum that allows you to clean your household in the least time. It is equipped with an automatic waste disposal feature. 

This feature is an add-on when you don’t want to empty the disposal compartment so often. Its companionship with your mobile application gives you a simple UI. Being not just limited to this, it incorporates several irresistible features. Have a look here:

  • Wifi Connectivity 
  • Application Compatibility
  • Remote Control Features 
  • Adjustable Settings 
  • Programmable Timings 
  • Surface Detection 
  • Low-battery Indicators 
  • Availability of Brush 
  • Mopping Features 
  • Mobile Controlability 

Why Clean Roomba i7 Filter: Major Signs to Notice

You’ll need to get proper identification of the signs and symptoms that would tell you about the cleaning demands of the Roomba i7 filter. We are going to discuss such some symptoms here mainly focussing on the basic and easily visible ones. 

Each factor might make its appearance regularly or every time you use the vacuum. Let’s have a look at the more detailed elaboration on each factor:

Being first on the list is reduced suction pressure. If your filter is filthy then what will get disturbed in the first place is the pressure generator. In case, you’re noticing that there is not an optimal pickup of the garbage then this could be a result of a dirty and uncleaned filter. 

Again, if you notice any dust particles left behind even after you’ve cleaned the surface completely, then this could also be a sign of an uncleaned filter which is demanding a thorough cleaning. 

You’ll need to pay special attention to your cleaning process regularly to get the most out of your Roomba i7 vacuum cleaner.  If the vacuuming process is not being carried out in the way it used to happen, then it is surely a point of worry. 

Here, you should instantly opt for an optimal cleaning schedule for the iRobot Roomba i7 filter with the most appropriate technique and cleaning tools. Before that, keep a check on these major signs and ensure not to overlook them. 

Though learning how to clean a Roomba i7 filter is comparatively easier, it’ll get hard when your Roomba i7 filter is extremely contaminated. If you don’t want such inconvenience, then be particular with checking the risky symptoms and signs. 

Detailed Guide on How to Clean a Roomba i7 Filter

Before we learn how to clean a Roomba i7 filter, let us talk about the importance of the preparatory steps which include preparing the toolkit and other initial steps. Though we are talking about the cleaning process of the Roomba i7 filter, let’s take a closer look in the following section. 

Preparatory Steps to Follow

As you might already know cleaning requires a definite and reliable place, look for such a spot in your home. Foremost, prepare the workspace allowing it to be properly lit, cleaned, and free from foreign components.  

Disturbance from your pets and kids may also hinder the process and affect the cleanliness too. The tools and other accessories are hazardous for them so it’s better to keep pets and children away from your workspace. 

Allow yourself time and stability to initiate and proceed with the optimal cleaning steps. This will allow you to be focussed ultimately providing you with a clean Roomba i7 filter.

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What Cleaning Tools Will You Need?

Gathering essential supplies is also comparatively harder than you think as some supplies are not readily available and you might need to get access to them. That being said, tool gathering is not going to be a cup of tea. 

Ensure that you choose the methods that rely on household items. Besides the major cleaning equipment, cleansing solutions and solvents need special consideration. As per the manufacturer’s instructions, liquids must be kept away from Roomba i7 filters. 

So, what are the things coming in handy? Here is the complete list of the most essential equipment followed by identifying the cleaning solutions. 

Basin and Water Source: 

Without a water source, cleaning is never possible. What matters is the availability of warm water sources. Though it is advised liquids need to be avoided, rinsing the exterior components will need warm water.

You may also soak the components ensuring attention and care so that no damage is caused. A simple kitchen sink or basin is also sufficient here.

Dry Clothes: 

Once the process is complete, how will you dry the components? This is why your toolkit must include dry clothes. Paper towels might also be a great help to you. Drying keeps moisture retention at bay.

Small Toothbrush: 

Well, do you know how to remove stubborn stains from the hardest spots? A small toothbrush can reach such spots and remove even the impossible stains. 

Cleaning Solvents: 

Choosing the right cleaning solvent will play the biggest role in cleaning the Roomba i7 filter optimistically. To do that, model-specific cleansers are highly recommended. 

Wrong cleansers are not only harmful to the filter’s performance but also degrades their capacity. Consider purchasing the cleansers that are approved for Roomba filters only. They tend to remove all the impurities without causing any harm.

In contrast, if you prefer household methods, then you need to know how to clean a Roomba i7 filter using normal dishwashing soap and any particular water source.  

Main Cleaning Steps for Roomba i7 Filter

Now, we’re into the most interesting part of our guide. We’ll help you understand how to clean a Roomba i7 filter elaborating on these simple steps. Let’s start:

Step 1: Determining the Location

You can’t clean the filter when it’s installed inside the vacuum cleaner. For that, you’ll need to determine the exact location of the filter. This is slightly different depending on the models but your Roomba i7 must have the filter either at the backside or top. 

In some cases, you might need to remove the cleaner’s bin as well. If that remains the case, simply consider cleaning the bin as well. This will result in even more in-depth cleaning. 

Step 2: Filter Removal Process

Great that you’ve located the Roomba filter. Now, what’s next? Remove it while being gentle to the filter and the vacuum cleaner simultaneously. Pressing buttons or releasing tabs with extreme force may damage them.

What you need to do is keep pressing the bars or tabs located on either side. This will allow easy access to the filter so that you can remove it without any hassle. 

Step 3: Cleaning Process 

When removed, start your main cleaning procedure. The cleaning process is better to be initiated without water usage. Though people suggest soaking the filter in a soapy solution, it’s highly denied by the manufacturers as well. 

You may opt for a handheld vacuum cleaner to suck up the debris from every nook and hook. In case, you want deeper cleaning, then consider these: 

  1. Use the soft, small brush and dry clean the buildup and residual particles including dirt, hair strands, pet hair, etc. 
  2. By doing this, you’ve removed the major culprits, but stubborn stains are still there. 
  3. You can take a cleaning agent and prepare a solution in less quantity. With the same brush, rub it all over the affected parts. 
  4. This will loosen up all the stains which can further be cleaned using dampened soft cloth. 
  5. Ensure that there are no wet components or surfaces left before reinstalling the filter. 

Step 4: Reinstallation 

Once you’re completely satisfied with your cleaning and the filter also does not appear to be dirty, reinstallation is the last step. Reinstallation will require you to keep the filter back alongside the bin and close it using the tabs or buttons. 

Scheduling the cleaning dates and times on the mobile application is yet another worth-mentioning factor you can consider after the reinstallation process. This would be beneficial in the long run by giving you cleaning reminders whenever needed.

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How Frequently Does the Roomba Filter Need Cleaning?

Optimal cleaning is more than a basic requirement for anything taken into account. Your Roomba i7 Filter also comes under the same cleaning requirements. Cleaning needs somewhat depend on the usage frequency but here the case remains slightly different.

As per the model-specific guidelines, the Roomba i7 Filter should be thoroughly cleaned regularly. If you’re supposed to use the Roomba i7 vacuum cleaner almost regularly, then take the filter out and clean it once a week.

You can spare some free time on your off days and proceed with a random yet thorough cleaning. When you’ve pets, cleaning schedules are a more often requirement. If the cleaner is not so frequently used, twice cleaning in a particular month is sufficient.

What are the Replacement Needs for the Roomba i7 Filter?

Roomba i7 Filter comes with some specific replacement guidelines. That being said, considering cleaning the only solution to optimal performance can be a misconception. Cleaning is just the initial step other than that keeping an eye on replacements is also crucial. 

Saying that the filter is not the only component of your Roomba i7, other parts like sensors, wheels, electrical contacts, etc. also need to be addressed. Though the filter remains the most notable of them all, it requires frequent replacements. 

To elaborate on this fact more deeply, you can consider going through the manual guide and other model-specific instructions. It’s highly recommended that the Roomba vacuum cleaner should not function with the same filter after two consecutive months. 

Wrapping It Up: How to Clean a Roomba i7 Filter

iRobot Roomba i7 Filter is undeniably one of the greatest additions to your daily routine. No matter what the model is, sooner or later residual buildups can hinder its performance. This is when you need to be extremely careful regarding the cleaning schedules.

It’s expected that you’ve understood how to clean a Roomba i7 filter through the simple steps mentioned in this guide. If you’re a newbie to using Roomba, then always consider a manual guide before taking any crucial step.

Do follow the safe cleaning initiatives while abiding by the safety precautions, secure cleaning tools, etc. When you feel like cleaning is not the solution, consider replacing the entire filter without delay.

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