How to Clean A Silgranit Sink: Everything You Need to Know

How to Clean A Silgranit Sink

How to Clean A Silgranit Sink

Do you also have a question about how to clean a silgranit sink? Let us get a detailed answer through the following comprehensive guide.

Silgranit sinks are no less than a perk for your renovated kitchen and the overall look of your home. The major reason behind this is the sleek appearance and robust durability that it provides to homeowners. However, it is important to keep them in the best condition possible so that their durability and strength remain intact.

When we talk about keeping the silgranit sinks clean and maintained, the necessity is to keep the process simple. Here, we will be discussing the simple methods on how to clean a silgranit sink. Let us first learn what silgranit sinks are and how they are beneficial to our kitchens.

What are Silgranit Sink and their benefits?

Silgranit sinks have become a popular option when it comes to renovating the pre-existing kitchen module. These Silgranit sinks are created using acrylic resin and organic granite. The amount of organic granite remains around 80%, apart from the acrylic resin used. This combination allows homeowners several benefits, including supreme strength, etc.

There are a few benefits that one can avail of by utilizing Silgranit sinks in their kitchen. Foremost, their non-permeable surface makes them resistant to stains and makes them much simpler to clean. This implies that you will not need to stress over difficult food or drink stains demolishing the presence of your sink.

Whether it is a spilled glass of red wine or a pot of pureed tomatoes, silgranit sinks can deal with everything effortlessly. Furthermore, Silgranit sinks offer uncommon protection from intensity, scratches, and chipping. This is particularly significant in a bustling kitchen where pots, skillets, and utensils are continuously utilized and moved around.

With a Silgranit sink, you can certainly put hot pots and skillets on a superficial level without stressing over harming them. The sturdiness of Silgranit sinks additionally implies that they are more averse to fostering unattractive scratches or chips, guaranteeing that your sink stays looking all around great for quite a long time into the future.

Overall, Silgranit sinks are a fabulous decision for any kitchen. Their solidity, protection from stains and intensity, and extensive variety make them a viable and slick addition to any home. Whether you are rebuilding your kitchen or just hoping to update your sink, Silgranit is most certainly worth considering as an option for your home.

Why Opt For Silgranit Sink Regular Cleaning? 

There are several reasons why regularly cleaning the Silgranit Sink is preferred. The sinks can accumulate multiple stains and spots, which must be neutralized and removed as soon as possible. If overlooked, then these spots and stains can become stubborn, and you would need to spend more time cleaning them.

Regular cleaning of your Blanco Silgranit Sink keeps the following issues away and saves you from extra effort:

  • It does not let metal abrasion take place.
  • You can protect your silgranit sinks from discoloration and make them appear good for longer.
  • When cleaned regularly, you will not need to put extra effort into your monthly cleaning schedules.

Detailed Guide on How to Clean a Silgranit Sink

Detailed Guide on How to Clean a Silgranit Sink

It is time to delve into the cleaning process mentioned in this guide on how to clean a silgranit sink. Before you start cleaning, you will need to keep some essentials ready. Apart from that, you must also have an insight into the preparation steps. Let us take a look at both of these things in the next section.

Assembling the Cleaning Essentials

The list of essentials includes some common items that you can easily find in your household. All you need to do is prepare yourself with these tools and then begin with your cleaning procedure. Have a look at the commonly required cleaning supplies.

#1. Mild soap or cleaner:

In the list of commonly used cleaning tools lies mild soap or a carefully chosen cleaner. Mild soap can do the work of a cleaner, but if you have a specialized cleaner for the silgranit materials, then your work can be completed even quicker.

#2. Soft sponges or clothes:

Soft sponges are mentioned due to the delicate nature of the silgranit materials. If you use a slightly hard scrub, sponges, or clothes, then it will ultimately cause an impact on the sink surface.

#3. Non-abrasive brush:

There are certain parts of the sink surface that cannot be cleaned using your hands or soft sponges. To make your reach easier in those tough spots, you might need a non-abrasive brush. It must have soft bristles and a long handle.

#4. Fresh Water: 

From making mixture and cleaning solutions, you would need fresh and clean water. The quantity of water depends on your requirements. The cleaners also need to be diluted using fresh and slightly warm water

Main Cleaning Procedure Explained

After discussing all the important points relating to how to clean a silgranit sink, you should now go through the main cleaning procedure. These are certain steps and methods to tackle the cleaning issues of your Blanco Silgranit Sinks

Method 1: Simple Cleaning Technique

If you want to keep your Blanco Silgranit Sinks in the most optimal condition, then follow the daily cleaning schedule. This technique requires less effort and also saves your time in the long run. The supplies required for this specific technique and the steps are mentioned below:

  • Sponges 
  • Baking Soda
  • Mild Detergent or Soap 
  • Warm Water
  • Rubber Gloves 

Step 1: Foremost, put on your gloves and then initiate taking out all the leftover particles, food components, etc. from the sink. When done use a mixture of mild soap to clean the surface. 

Step 2: For deeper cleaning, you can also prepare a mixture of baking soda and scrub the entire surface with it. Rinse of all the solvents and other materials from the sink.

Step 3: After your sink is dried, take accurate amounts of mineral oil to grease the entire surface. This will help to create a protective coating on the sink surface

Method 2: Deep Cleaning Process

If you are dealing with tough spots and stains and want to get rid of them, then this is the most appropriate method to get help. Take a closer look at the cleaning essentials and steps that will help you.

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Soft Sponges
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Wet Cloth 
  • Whitening Powder 

Step 1: This method is quite similar to that of daily cleaning routine but here you need to use peroxide and vinegar solution. Both the components must be taken in equal quantities

Step 2: Apply the solution to the sink’s surface using a scrub or microfiber cloth. You may need a brush to reach hard spots. When done, let it dry for no more than five minutes. Do not over-dry the solution or else it will become hard to remove the spots. 

Step 3: Simply rinse the Silgranit Sink with warm water. You can repeat the process until satisfied. When all is done, dry it using a soft and damp cloth. Do not try to over-scrub to dry the surface quickly. This might harm the quality and durability of the Blanco Silgranit Sink. 

Method 3: To deal with Discoloration, etc. 

The discoloration is a major issue that is easily visible if you have light-colored Silgranite sinks. This issue occurs due to improper cleaning schedules of the sink. The stubborn stains and limescale particles get deeply stuck into the sink. To clean them you need the following supplies:

  • A vinegar cleaner
  • A soft cloth or sponge
  • A damp cloth 

Step 1: Foremost, you will need to take a spray bottle and fill it up with the acidic solution or the vinegar cleaner. When done, spray it all over the sink and let it dry for a while. 

Step 2: Now, you will need the help of a wet cloth so that the cleaning solution and other dust particles can be cleaned appropriately. After that, use a dry and soft cloth to wipe off the surface completely

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Points Worth Considering while Cleaning the Silgranit Sink 

As the Blanco Silgranit Sink is manufactured using delicate components, they are susceptible to damage if you use any inappropriate cleaning tool or method mentioned here in how to clean a silgranit sink. Simply consider the following points while you are performing the cleaning process. 

  • Your sink surface may get harmed for a long period in case you use any abrasive chemical or cleaner for cleaning the sink surface
  • The hard cleaning tools must be avoided. This includes metal-infused sponges or scrub pads. 
  • You should not use hard or straight bleaches while cleaning due to the reaction that could take place between the metals. 
  • You should always try to put on gloves as the materials or cleaning agents can harm your hands. 
  • After cleaning, drying off the sink must be done using clean and fresh towels. Avoid leaving them for air drying as you might notice spots of water afterwards.
  • If you need to use the stain removers, they should be patch-tested prior to applying on the entire sink surface. 
  • You may also consider using a face mask so that prolonged inhalation of toxic components can be avoided. 
  • If you ever need to use paint, then the leftover paint should not be poured into the Balcon Silgranit Sink as it would react with the materials and reduce the life of the sink. 

Additional Tips to Maintain Their Longevity 

You may also follow some additional steps to maintain the longevity and durability of your Silgranit sink. Take a look at the following tips:

  • You must try to avoid having any heavy impact on the Blanco Silgranit Sinks. These sinks are also prone to destruction if not handled gently. 
  • Adding a protective layer to the silgranit sink using any mineral oil will not only keep your sink shining but also boost its robustness.  
  • Sink grids are used to protect different types of sinks. You can even take the help of these sink grids to add a protective layer. 
  • Regular simple cleaning can make a huge difference in the long run by giving your silgranit sinks strength and durability.

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Conclusion: How to Clean a Silgranit Sink

Silgranit sinks can be considered a new addition to your kitchen if maintained properly. These sinks are the epitome of style and authenticity for modern kitchen owners. They are something beyond style and serenity. The longevity and robustness of the materials used make them a worthy choice to install in homes these days.

Besides the quality and efficiency, they are also known for their easy-to-maintain features. You will not need to go for additional cleaning supplies or methods other than ordinary ones to maintain their optimal condition. The steps mentioned above in the guide on how to clean a silgranit sink can be your go-to solution for easing your task. 

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