How to Clean an LG Front Load Washer: A Complete Guide

How to Clean an LG Front Load Washer

How to Clean an LG Front Load Washer

Does your LG washing machine also have a bad odor or stain your clothes while cleaning? Check out these tips on how to clean an LG Front Load washer here. 

LG is undoubtedly one of the prominent players in the cleaning appliance industry. It has been ruling in the divine cleaning industry since the late 1950s. The success over the years and immense recognition of LG have made washing machines and other appliances loved by billions of customers. 

Being that true, LG washing machines are extremely exceptional in terms of performance and high efficiency. Have you ever thought about the reasons for decreased efficiency over time? There comes a stage for your washing machine when it starts smelling musty or bad and also makes your clothes stained.

Though this comes up as a tricky situation and may lead you to replace the entire washing machine, dealing with these issues is comparatively easy. All you need is to learn the steps on how to clean an LG Front Load Washer. We have outlined a complete comprehensive guide here that would help you in this process. 

Why LG Front Load Washers are so Recognized?

LG Front Load washers are highly recognizable due to their extreme efficiency and innovative features. All of those high-end features provided to the customers make them loved immensely. These features are also a resemblance to the convenience you get using the LG Front Load washers. Before we learn how to clean an LG Front Load Washer, take a look at the following innovative features. 

#1. Direct Drive Motors:

Direct drive motors eliminate the need to use belts and pulleys allowing you to have quieter functionality and better washing efficiency. These primary yet innovative features allow consumers to rely more on the LG Front Load washers. The smooth drive motors are also responsible for the smooth functionality of the appliance. 

#2. Incredibly Energy Efficient:

Being energy efficient is another major reason for its immense recognition. Energy efficiency means lower energy used which leads to lower utility costs. When people get more in less, they always prefer the quality and efficiency of LG Front Load washers. This feature is somewhat benefitting the environment as well. 

#3. Steam Technology:

Steam technology installed in the front load washers has been proven as a game changer. Having that said, when you switch to the steam option, your washing process becomes even smoother. Steam is penetrated inside the clothes’ fabrics allowing a deeper and hygienic cleaning experience for your clothes. 

#4. Turbowash Technology:

Consumers can also enjoy another exceptional feature of the LG Front Load washer which is the Turbowash technology. The major benefit here is that the working time of your machine is reduced ultimately saving you time. You additionally don’t need to worry about quality cleaning as faster washing doesn’t compromise work efficiency. 

#5. Reliable Functionality: 

The LG Front Load washers also offer you reliable functionality simplifying the entire cloth cleaning process. While other quality front-load washers can’t surpass the efficiency and reliability of the LG Front Load washers. It employs the feature of a central agitation allowing your clothes to toss well. 

Necessity of Adequate LG Front Load Washer Cleaning

Necessity of Adequate LG Front Load Washer Cleaning

It is always a good idea to give your Front Load washers a thorough cleaning once every three or four months. This minimizes the technical faults and also upkeep the washer effectively. 

Well, do you know what is the necessity of adequate cleaning of the washers? To clear any doubts before we move on to how to clean an LG Front Load washer, you may consider the following reasons. 

1. Prevention from Mildew: 

Front Load washers are designed specifically and this sometimes results in extreme mold growth. The moisture retention in several parts of the washers including the doors and gaskets allows mold to make its habitat reducing the work efficiency of the entire washing machine. With regular maintenance, you may eliminate these issues and keep your washer functional.

2. Optimal Laundry:

If there is even a slight issue with the Front Load washer, it would directly impact the laundry. Your clothes may get stained or carry bacteria when washed in an uncleaned washer. No matter the size of the bacteria, it is capable of causing you health issues. Following a fixed cleaning timeline keeps the stain and bacteria at bay.  

3. Eliminates Bad Odors:

Mold developments in your Front Load washers are also responsible for increasing the foul smells and poor odors from the machine. This not only makes your washer contaminated but the laundry will also smell poor. It is better to eliminate the root cause and keep your clothes smelling fresh and fragrant. 

4. Ensures Working Efficiency: 

Unclean and mold-developed washers are susceptible to providing less work efficiency when compared to a cleaned Front Load washer. To boost the capacity and work efficiency, it is required to have optimal cleaning schedules daily and thorough cleaning once in a while. The internal components may also be protected from risks and faults when getting a regular inspection. 

5. Discover Potential Issues: 

The most essential reason for optimal cleaning is looking for potential faulty issues. When you upkeep your washer, it is less prone to damage, leaks, clogs, etc. allowing you to figure out things even more easily. Regular cleaning ensures your washer is protected from all of these issues. 

What Supplies are Needed for Optimum Cleaning?

What Supplies are Needed for Optimum Cleaning?

Is it possible to follow how to clean an LG Front Load Washer steps without accurate tools and equipment? No, you would need the most perfect toolkit assembled to boost your working experience. As you need to keep the process straightforward, don’t go for tons of tools. Opt for only those tools that are needed in actuality. Some might include: 

1. Bleach:

Bleach, despite being an optional agent, acts as a perfect cleaning agent to remove the tough stains of the LG Front Load washer. Bleach is filled with cleansing properties which would also eliminate the hard odors from the machine.

2. Baking Soda:

You may incorporate using baking soda as the main cleaning agent. It is best known for its versatile cleaning properties and the capacity to remove unpleasant odors as well. It is slightly abrasive so it would work appropriately on hard stains no matter what surface is. 

3. All-purpose Cleansers:

The tendency to be highly flexible and able to clean whatever surface you want makes all-purpose cleansers worth opting for cleaning tools. You may clean both the interior and exterior surfaces using these cleansers. 

4. Vinegar: 

Vinegar, being a natural disinfectant and cleaning agent, allows you to remove hard stains, grime, and dust particles, and eliminate poor odors too. While maintaining eco-friendliness, it breaks mold growth as well as mineral deposits easily. 

5. Q-tip or Toothbrush:

You may either choose a Q-tip or a toothbrush as both of these will perform a similar function. Harder spots and tough stains will be removed using them as they can reach the almost impossible spots of the washer. 

How to Clean an LG Front Load Washer Different Parts

The Front Load washer includes several different components and each needs optimum cleaning for an overall perfect clean-up. In the following section on how to clean an LG Front Load Washer, we will discuss the particular steps and methods to clean every nook and hook of the washer. You may go through them here:

Steps to Clean the Gasket

Let us start with one of the most delicate parts of the washer, the gasket which accumulates hair, dust particles, lint, and much more debris. It can’t be removed but you may unfold it for cleaning. The foremost step is the removal of loose debris and dirt particles. This may be done using a mixture of cleansing agents and water. 

In case, you notice any black spots, it is a sign of mold growth. To eliminate it, you may prepare a solution of cleanser and water spraying it on the affected area following a wipe-off. For even harder stains, consider the same procedure with normal bleach and water. Repeat the process till the stains vanish. 

How to clean an LG Front Load Washer Drum

The washer drum must also have accumulated lingering odors and debris due to constant use. To eliminate those particles, foremost consider opting to run a cycle incorporating hot water. The purpose of this step is to ensure that the drum has loosened debris and residual components. 

Now, the next step on how to clean an LG Front Load Washer drum is tackling internal residual build-ups. To do that, all you need is a sponge and a solution of vinegar and baking soda. Apply the solution to the entire surface and leave it for a while. This will simply break the hard particles and allow them to shed off. 

If not, then you may rinse off the entire interior surface using warm water. Once you don’t notice any particles, you may rest assured that it is cleaned. Consider repeating the same procedure until all of the spots and stains are removed. 

How to Clean the Exterior of the Washer

Cleaning the exterior of the LG Front Load Washer is comparatively simpler than other parts. All you need is the cleaning solution which must be applied to both sides of the door and other exterior surfaces. When it is dried a little bit, simply start wiping it off

This simple yet effective method will make the exterior shine and get its original appearance. If there are extremely hard spots, they may be addressed using the bleaching solution and lukewarm water. Use a sponge to apply and rub it. When done, wipe off or rinse the surface.

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Steps to Clean the Detergent Dispenser

The detergent dispenser is the spot where you keep the detergent which when remains uncleaned results in bacterial growth and mold development. To clean it, take it out from the washer. 

Now, in a large bucket or bowl, soak it ensuring that you have prepared the perfect cleaning solution using vinegar and water.  All of the loose particles will settle down in the bowl. After that, to treat the hard stains, take your toothbrush and dip it in the same solution prepared. 

Consider scrubbing with firm hands allowing the stains to be removed. Crevices and edges need special attention in this process. Rinse off the entire dispenser and dry it using a soft and clean cloth. Regular cleaning is emphasized for the dispensers so that it is appropriately cleaned and maintained.

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Maintenance Tips for Your LG Front Load Washer

Optimal work efficiency and supreme maintenance don’t come from a single-day cleaning, instead, following regular maintenance tips and tricks is the prominent key. So, we have prepared a list of some tips that might help you in the maintenance of a highly efficient LG Front Load washer for a long period.

  • The frequency of using your washing machine determines the necessity of its thorough cleaning. In case, you don’t use your washing machine frequently then it is fine to thoroughly clean it once in four months. However, deeper cleaning schedules must be followed when using it randomly and more often.
  • The more you organize the cleaning schedules, the better will be the functionality. Cleaning eliminates mold growth and other external factors that may hinder the functionality of the LG Front Load washer. 
  • Cleansers chosen for the cleaning process must also be chosen wisely. There are several high-quality cleansers specifically designed for cleaning multiple parts of LG washing machines. Whenever scheduling clean-ups, opt for branded cleansers.
  • Have you ever wondered if the detergents you are using for laundry might be the reason for mold growth and contamination in the washer? Yes, this is likely to happen and this is where you need to make a wise decision. Always choose branded or high-quality detergents. 
  • Whenever doing the laundry, ensure that you take out the clothes from the washer soon after the cycle is completed. Leftover laundry items for long periods are susceptible to build-up molds and unpleasant odors. 
  • Do not leave the washer’s gaskets or doors wet for long. This will lead to potential harm and mildew leaving you with excessive cleaning loads. When there is no place for moisture, there will be no such extreme need for cleaning. 
  • Dispenser also has a major role to play in the optimal upkeep of your Front Load washer. That said, dry the dispenser immediately after your wash cycle is completed.

Summing It Up: How to Clean an LG Front Load Washer

To conclude, the statement remains LG Front Load washer has so much to offer when you are allowing it the best possible maintenance. From supreme work efficiency to exceptional energy backups, from incredible innovative features to undeniable costs, all of these benefits await you when having the best maintenance schedules for the appliance. 

The steps outlined in this article will surely make your cleaning optimal and accurate. Despite being an electrical appliance, it can be cleaned on your own simply and you save the cost of calling for a professional. Learning how to clean an LG Front Load washer will be majestic and straightforward with the tips and tricks mentioned in this guide. 

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