How to Clean Apples for Candy Apples: A Complete Guide

How to Clean Apples for Candy Apples

Are you going to make candy apples? Give a moment to learn how to clean apples for candy apples properly through this comprehensive guide.

Sweet apples become even sweeter when they are dipped into a candy mixture. This is what candy apples actually are. They could be considered a natural and trusted way to attract your kids towards healthy fruits. Though candy fruits are a loveable recipe, you need to be extremely careful while preparing them.

Having said that, when you clean your apples adequately, you will get an exceptional final product. Your candy apples will definitely have an incredible taste when they are picked and processed appropriately.

In this article, you may learn why clean apples are so important and how you can choose them. We will also delve into the process of how to clean apples for candy apples in the most accurate way possible.

Why is Cleaning Apples Before Using Them So Essential?

Why is Cleaning Apples Before Using Them So Essential?

No matter how carefully a fruit is harvested and picked, it has pesticides and bacteria all over its surface. Apple is no exception when it comes to these factors. Cleaning your apples before preparing them to make candy apples is essential to lessen the health risks as well as the impacts that it could have on the overall taste.

Potential Health Risk Factors:

It is important to note that unwashed and uncleaned apples can impact the overall health of a person. As apples have so much dirt, debris, bacteria, and other pesticides, if left unwashed, they will enter your body, deteriorating your health.

Foodborne diseases become common due to the intake of uncleaned food substances. When you prepare candy apples from such apples, the sugary coating will also trap the contaminants. This potential condition provides moisture and the perfect place for the bacteria to multiply.

The pesticides are often stuck to the surfaces, and washing them off the apples makes them safe to consume. A certain type of wax is also used on the apple surface, which should also be removed before you make the candy apples or take them anyway.

All these factors and risks are minimized with adequate cleaning. So, it is advised that you abide by the steps on how to clean apples for candy apples or use them for any other purpose.

Overall Taste and Quality of the Candy Apples:

When cleaning adequately, you are not just removing the bacteria and residue from the apples but also enhancing the overall taste and quality of your candy apples. If the surface is not completely clean, you might have to face difficulties in coating the candy mixture.

This would also result in an uneven or improper coating, which would ultimately reduce the final texture and appearance of the candy apple. A clean apple will provide you with a smooth surface for your candy coating, resulting in an impressive texture.

Though the wax used is edible, you must not try to intake it and remove it before you make the candy apples. When the wax layer is removed, the coating will also have a stronger bond, allowing it to be smooth in the long run. Proper cleaning techniques will not only make the final product healthy but also boost its appearance.

Methods for Choosing the Right Apples for Candy Apples

You cannot simply choose any apple and make candy from it. There are certain factors that play an important role in selecting the best apples to make candy apples. The main is the outer texture and surface condition.

You should always opt for those that do not have blemishes or spots on the outer surface. They must also be firm when we consider the inner part. Any imperfections in the apple’s appearance will ultimately impact the candy apple.

Besides the outer appearance or the physical condition, you would also need to consider the taste and flavor of the apples. It will not be a good option to choose sour apples, so always go for taste quality as well.

You will also need to make sure that you do not choose apples that are excessively mushy or ripe. These apples will not suit the needs of a perfect candy apple.

Common Apple Varieties Available 

You can take a look at some common apple varieties that can serve great while making candy apples. These are some of them:

#1. Gala Apples:

These apples are known for their texture and mild flavor. They are the perfect options when you are looking for a crunchy experience with your candy apple. Their outer surface is so firm that you do not need to worry about the crunchiness.

#2. Honeycrisp Apples:

Honeycrisp apples are sweet and sour both at the same time, making them an ideal choice to get the tangy flavor in the candy apples. When you combine these Honeycrisp apples with a sweet coating, you will definitely get a unique blend.

#3. Granny Smith Apples:

These apples are green in color and offer a tangy taste, which, when mixed with the candy, makes them even tastier and more tangy. It balances with the sweetness and sour nature of the apples, giving you an incredible taste.

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Thorough Guide on How to Clean Apples for Candy Apples

Thorough Guide on How to Clean Apples for Candy Apples

Now that we have learned everything, from choosing the apples to the different varieties available, It is time to get insight into the cleaning process mentioned here.

Essential Cleaning Supplies 

You will need multiple cleaning supplies when cleaning the apples to make candy apples. Some of them are:

  • A large bowl
  • Clean clothes
  • Microfiber Clothes
  • Fruit Cleanser 
  • Brushes and Sponges 
  • Paper Towels 

Steps to Clean Apples For Making Candy Apples 

After assembling all the essential supplies, you can now go through the steps on how to clean apples for candy apples.

Step 1: In the initial step, you are required to clean the apples under running water. Ensure that the water is cool, as this will eliminate all the residual or surface dirt that would have been collected while transporting or storing.

Step 2: Now, you will need a big bowl in which all the required apples can be kept. In this bowl, you may add the fruit cleaner and water to eliminate residual components. You can keep rotating the apples to effectively clean them.

Step 3: If you find any stubborn dirt particles, then do not keep using your hands to clean them, as using a brush or sponges will not be a bad idea. These sponges and brushes will be great at removing the stubborn spots from the apple surface.

Step 4: When done, again use cool, clean, running water to rinse off the apples. If you feel like the apples are sufficiently clean, then proceed to dry them, or else repeat these steps again.

Step 5: You will need to wait until the apples are drying. You must not use any method to accelerate the process; let them air-dry. Any cloth or paper towel might contain bacteria or contaminants, and apples will catch them, resulting in a dirtier surface again. Before using, ensure that the apples are accurately clean, or else the coating will be inaccurate.

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Tips to Avoid Mistakes and Boost Additional Cleaning of the Apples

Apart from the proper cleaning steps, you also need to pay keen attention to some additional tips so that there are no mistakes in the cleaning process. Consider these tips and have safe cleaning of apples:

  • It is observed often that people do not hesitate to use harsh chemicals when cleaning fruits like apples, etc. However, this must be avoided completely, as chemicals can be extremely dangerous when you consume them. Always opt for natural methods with water and household items to ensure safe consumption.
  • If you think that excessive scrubbing will clean the apple even more properly, then you are wrong. Over-scrubbing or harshly cleaning the surface of apples will impact their taste as well as their texture. It is better to stay intact with gentle cleaning. It will also protect the natural wax of the apples you are using.
  • Before cleaning, ensure that the tools you are going to use are absolutely clean and free from contaminants. Using uncleaned tools will make your apples even dirtier, and the health risks will also get triggered.
  • If you are opting for organic apples, then consider the most natural ways to clean them. It is good to go with organic apple cleaners, as they will only boost the cleanliness of the apples. These cleansers must be created for a specific purpose only.
  • If you are excessively worried about the use of pesticides and other chemicals, then you can purchase organic apples from the nearest farm or local sellers. This will let you have the best possible apples.
  • You can also use a clean toothbrush if you see any stubborn dirt particles or wax residue. Ensure that the brush you are using is clean and meant for cleaning food items only. 

Final Thoughts: How to Clean Apples for Candy Apples

Undoubtedly, candy apples are great dessert options when having a small party. It is not a daunting task to prepare these candy apples, but even then, they require special attention. As we have learned in this guide on how to clean apples for candy apples, cleaning the apples is incredibly important to maintain the texture, taste, and quality of the candy apples. 

These steps and tips mentioned above will definitely help you and provide insight into proper candy apple preparation. So, why wait more? Simply follow all these steps and tips and prepare your delicious candy apples.

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