How to Clean Lexan Windows

How to Clean Lexan Windows

Want to keep your house in the most pristine condition? Let’s start by learning how to clean Lexan Windows effectively without any unwanted damage. 

Keeping your Lexan windows clean and in the most pristine condition enhances your space’s aesthetic appeal and boosts its entire lifespan. No matter if you’ve installed them in your house or workplace, the durable nature of these windows can only be maintained with proper regular cleaning schedules. 

In the following sections, we’ll help you to have an insight into the detailed steps and expert tips to get the best clarity in the cleaning process. We’ll also take you on the journey of essential tools, and effective techniques, and focus on the major dos and don’ts as well. Through this guide, you’ll get the most appropriate solution for— how to clean Lexan Windows.

What is Lexan Windows?

The fabric used to make Lexan windows is a type of polycarbonate that is protected as a trademark of Sabic Innovative Plastics. This excessive-performance thermoplastic is understood for its incredible readability, effect resistance, and weatherability. Because Lexan windows are far more powerful than regular glass windows, they are perfect for packages that need to be more durable and protected. 

What are Some Common Uses of Lexan Windows?

Lexan is a high-quality and extremely durable material so considering its application areas, the following are the major ones where it’s unexceptionally used. Apart from the following, people also install it in their homes and commercial places. 

  • Automotive Applications: Lexan windows are utilized in racing motors, off-road vehicles, and different automotive programs due to their lightweight nature and effect resistance. They are regularly used for windshields, aspect home windows, and rear home windows.
  • Aircraft Windows: Similar to automobile packages, Lexan windows are utilized in aircraft because of their lightweight residences and capacity to withstand excessive altitudes and extreme temperatures. They are usually used for cockpit windows and smaller home windows at some point in the aircraft.
  • Marine Applications: Lexan home windows are utilized in boats and different marine vessels to withstand saltwater corrosion, durability, and readability. They may be located in windows, hatches, and portlights.
  • Security and Safety: Lexan home windows are used in safety packages inclusive of bullet-resistant windows, bank teller windows, and ATM enclosures because of their longevity and impact resistance.
  • Industrial Applications: Lexan windows are used in diverse industrial settings for device guards, viewing windows, and protection limitations because of their toughness and resistance to chemical compounds.
  • DIY Projects and Hobbyist Applications: Lexan sheets are typically used by DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists for tasks along with model making, protective covers, and custom enclosures due to their ease of cutting, shaping, and durability

How to Clean Lexan Windows: Detailed Walkthrough

How to Clean Lexan Windows: Detailed Walkthrough

Now, we should jump into the part for what you’re here— how to clean Lexan Windows. The following sections will help you understand the major dos and don’ts for the cleaning process of Lexan Windows. Let’s learn more:

What Supplies You’ll Need

The cleaning process is incomplete without the appropriate cleaning tools. That said, we’ve prepared a list of all the items that will come in handy during the cleaning process:

  • Mild Soap or Specialised Cleanser
  • Warm Water 
  • Microfiber Cloth or Sponges
  • Non-abrasive brushes
  • Bucket or Container
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Ladder or Step stools
  • Protective Gloves (Optional)

The Dos:

The following section includes the major cleaning steps inclusive of all the things that you should do to maintain the cleanliness of Lexan Windows Consider:

  • In a pail or box, mix a little amount of warm water with a specialized plastic cleaner or mild dish soap.
  • Try the cleaning method on a tiny, discrete area of the window before using it on the entire surface to be sure it doesn’t damage or discolor it. 
  • Use a tender-bristled brush or microfiber material to gently do away with any loose dirt or particles from the surface of the window.
  • Dip a clean soft cloth or sponge into the cleansing solution and gently use it on the window in a round motion. Work in small sections to make certain thorough coverage.
  • For stubborn stains or spots, hose down a gentle-bristled brush with the cleaning solution and lightly scrub the affected location. Avoid using excessive pressure to save your windows from scratching.
  • Once the window is clean, rinse it thoroughly with smooth water to do away with any soap residue. Use a hose or spray bottle for outside windows, or a damp fabric for indoor windows.
  • Use a smooth, dry microfiber fabric to gently dry the window and prevent water spots or streaks. Work in a circular motion till the window is dry.
  • After drying, look at the window for any streaks or residue. If necessary, repeat the cleansing process in regions wherein dirt or streaks remain.
  • For an additional shine, buff the window with a dry microfiber material or use a specialized plastic polish according to the producer’s commands.
  • Clean the windows in small sections instead of working on the entire window surface. This will ensure proper and spotless cleaning.
  • A regular cleaning regimen is extremely important to maintain the shine and integrity of the Lexan Windows. Get random checks of these windows often. 

What Should be Avoided?

While performing the cleaning process, certain things must be avoided for a successful cleaning. Examine a few of the suggestions listed in the section that follows.

  • Users must avoid the use of harsh and abrasive cleaners and other cleaning supplies which might become the culprit of potential damage.
  • If you choose to use sponges, make sure their surface is not rough. The material of the windows may get scratched by such sponges. 
  • Don’t let yourself put extra pressure on the material whenever you’re scrubbing or rinsing them. Doing so can lead to unwanted scratches and damage.
  • Petroleum-based products are common these days but try not to use them for your Lexan windows. Such products lead to discoloration and fading issues. 
  • If you think dry wiping can remove excessive dirt, then consider not doing so. Dry wiping with sponges or paper towels is harmful to the material and will leave scratches.
  • High-pressure washers should not be preferred for cleaning the Lexan windows. Excessive pressure from these machines will lead to broken windows or other potential damage.
  • Avoid using ammonia-based cleansers in the cleaning process. These products can cause yellowing or clouding of the Lexan material. 
  • Drying Lexan windows must be done appropriately without coming in contact with the hot temperature and direct sunlight which can lead to streaks.
  • Avoid using contaminated tools for your cleaning regimen. Doing such tools may transfer the dirt and dust particles onto the Lexan surface.

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Additional Tips and Professional Advice 

Maintaining Lexan windows well will ensure their sturdiness and maintain them searching their high-quality. Here are some important recommendations and professional advice for preserving Lexan windows:

  • Gentle Cleaning: Regularly clean Lexan home windows using mild soap or detergent combined with warm water. Avoid abrasive cleaners, harsh chemicals, and tough cleaning tools that would scratch or damage the floor.
  • Avoid Abrasive Materials: When cleansing Lexan home windows, in no way use abrasive substances including steel wool, scouring pads, or abrasive sponges. These can cause scratches and harm the surface, compromising its readability and sturdiness.
  • UV Protection: Lexan windows are vulnerable to harm from extended exposure to UV radiation. To defend them, remember to apply a UV-resistant coating or film. This can assist save you yellowing, discoloration, and degradation of the Lexan cloth over the years.
  • Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect Lexan windows for symptoms of damage, inclusive of cracks, chips, or scratches. Address any problems right away to prevent similar deterioration and keep the structural integrity of the windows.
  • Proper Storage: If you need to store Lexan home windows quickly or at some stage in transportation, deal with them with care and keep them in a smooth, dry, and properly ventilated area. Avoid stacking heavy items on the pinnacle of the home windows or exposing them to intense temperatures, which can lead to warping or distortion.


Ques 1. Can I use glass cleaners on Lexan windows?

Ans. No, it’s not endorsed to use such cleansers, Glass cleaners regularly include ammonia, which could cause clouding or yellowing of Lexan windows through the years. Stick to mild dish cleaning soap or specialized plastic cleaners diluted in warm water.

Ques 2. Can pressure washers be used for Lexan Windows cleaning?

Ans. It’s suggested to avoid the use of strain washers on Lexan home windows, as the force of the water can damage the surface. Opt for gentle cleansing methods using tender cloths or sponges as a substitute.

Ques 3. How frequently do Lexan home windows require cleaning?

Ans. It’s recommended to wipe clean Lexan home windows for a minimum of every thirty days to avoid dust accumulation and maintain readability. However, areas with heavy dirt or environmental factors may additionally require more common cleaning.

Ques 4. Can I use paper towels to dry Lexan windows?

Ans. No, paper towels can scratch the surface of Lexan windows. Always use a soft, microfiber material to dry them lightly and save any sort of harm to the Lexan windows. 

Ques 5. What have to I do if my Lexan home windows are scratched?

Ans. Minor scratches on Lexan home windows can regularly be buffed out using a specialized plastic polish. For deeper scratches, it’s quality to consult an expert for repair or substitute alternatives. Never try to deal with major issues on your own.

Final Thoughts: How to Clean Lexan Windows

In the end, maintaining the clarity and longevity of your Lexan windows can be easily done with the implementation of the right cleaning tools and techniques. With the use of safe cleaning techniques and soft cleaning essentials, you can clean the dirt, grime, and dust particles from the Lexan windows.

Keeping the steps of how to clean Lexan windows in mind and ensuring the safety tips will lead to the durable and pristine appearance of these windows. 

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