How to Clean Poop Off a Mattress


When it comes to handling household mishaps, a few scenarios become extremely daunting. Poop on your mattress is such a hectic task. No matter whether it’s a result of a late-night accident or a pet’s indiscretion, dealing with poop on the mattress is troublesome. 

You’ll need to address this issue promptly or else it can leave lingering odors. But, the question is how to clean poop off a mattress easily? Worry not as this comprehensive article is your ultimate guide. Read the following sections to learn more about the cleaning methods, odor-tackling tips, preventative measures, and much more.

How to Clean Poop Off a Mattress: Preparatory Steps 

Before delving into the cleaning methods, following the preparatory steps is important. With optimum preparation, you can accomplish your task faster and easier. Here are some steps that you may follow to clean poop off a mattress easily:

What Is The Type of Mattress?

When cleaning poop off a mattress, the first thing to determine is the type of mattress you use. Among the multiple mattress types available, mentioned right here are the common ones:

  • Memory Foam: Known for its contouring properties and pressure relief. Typically composed of multiple layers of memory foam. May require special care to prevent water absorption during cleaning.
  • Innerspring: Constructed with a network of steel coils for support. Often topped with layers of foam or padding for comfort. Allows for airflow, which may aid in drying but can also allow stains to penetrate deeper.
  • Latex: Made from natural or synthetic latex foam. Offers resilient support and durability. Resistant to dust mites and mold but may require specific cleaning methods.
  • Hybrid: Combines elements of both innerspring and foam mattresses. Provides a balance of support and comfort. Cleaning techniques may vary depending on the specific materials used in the hybrid construction.
  • Airbed: Features an adjustable air chamber for personalized firmness Often topped with foam or padding for added comfort. Requires careful attention to prevent damage to the air chamber during cleaning.
  • Waterbed: Filled with water for support and cushioning. May have a soft-sided or hard-sided design. Cleaning methods should address both the mattress surface and the water chamber.
  • Adjustable: Allows for customization of sleeping position and firmness. Typically constructed with foam or air chambers. Cleaning techniques may need to accommodate moving parts and electronic components.

Examining the Extent of the Mess

You must know the level of mess that you have to clean. You can do that with these simple steps:

  • Visual Inspection: Assess the visible area of the mattress affected by the poop stain. Note the size and spread of the stain, as well as any associated discoloration.
  • Smell Test: Determine the intensity of odor emanating from the affected area. Note any lingering or pervasive smell that may indicate deeper penetration.
  • Surface Absorption: Check if the poop has penetrated the surface or if it’s primarily on the top layer. Assess the level of absorption into the mattress fabric or padding.
  • Surrounding Area: Inspect the immediate surroundings for any signs of spillage or contamination beyond the mattress. Check bedding, bed frame, and nearby furniture for potential splatter or residue.
  • Type of Mattress: Identify the material composition of the mattress. Consider how the material may affect cleaning methods and product compatibility.
  • Time Frame: Consider how long the poop has been on the mattress. Recent accidents may be easier to clean compared to dried or set-in stains.
  • Previous Stains: Evaluate if the current stain is a recurring issue or a first-time occurrence. Note any existing stains or spots on the mattress that may complicate the cleaning process.

Gathering Necessary Supplies

Now it comes to gathering the necessary supplies for your cleaning process. You just need some basic materials and tools to get your work done. The list of required items includes these:

  • Disposable Gloves
  • Plastic Scraper 
  • Spatula 
  • White Vinegar
  • Mild Detergent 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide 
  • Baking Soda
  • Clean Clothes 
  • Paper Towel 
  • Upholstery Cleaner 
  • Steam Cleaner 
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Enzyme Cleaners

Creating a Safe Work Area

You must also have a safe workspace when cleaning poop off a mattress. This is essential to prevent the mess from spreading all over the surrounding areas. Here are some tips for you:

  • Allow proper ventilation in the work area for proper airflow. This will protect you from fumes and airborne particles. 
  • Clear all the surrounding particles and objects to create appropriate space for cleaning. Minimize the risk of knocking and tripping the cleaning supplies. 
  • Consider placing a plastic sheet underneath the mattress to protect against potential spills and stains. Proper protection of flooring prevents mess during the cleaning process.
  • You should also wear protective clothing and other gear to prevent direct contact with feces and harmful substances. Also, it’ll act as a shield for skin irritations, respiratory issues, etc. 
  • Keep your kids and pets away from the cleaning area. This will not only protect them from exposure to cleaning agents but also from disturbing you during the cleaning process. 

Detailed Steps To Clean Poop Off A Mattress

It’s time to delve into the most important section of our guide— how to clean poop off a mattress. The following section covers everything you need to know when it comes to cleaning poop off your mattresses. From multiple methods to detailed steps, we’ve got all covered for you:

Removing Solid Debris

  • Put on disposable gloves to protect your hands and body from direct contact with the feces.
  • Use a plastic scraper or spatula to softly elevate off any stable particles from the bed surface.
  • Work from the outer edges of the stain closer to the center to avoid spreading it further.
  • Dispose of the strong waste in a plastic bag and seal it tightly. Discard the particular bag appropriately once the cleaning process is complete. 
  • Once all visible particles are eliminated, proceed to cope with any final stains and odors.

Addressing Stains and Odors

  • Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing white vinegar and water and transfer it to a sprig bottle.
  • Lightly spray the affected area with the vinegar solution. Ensure that you get access to all the contaminated surfaces. 
  • Allow the solution to sit for a few minutes to penetrate the stain and neutralize odors.
  • Blot the mattress with a clean white material or paper towel to soak up excess moisture and cleaning solution.
  • If the stain persists, create a paste with the use of baking soda and water. Apply the prepared solution to the particular contaminated surfaces. 
  • Gently scrub the paste into the stain with the usage of a gentle-bristled brush or sponge, then leave it for no less than twenty minutes.
  • Rinse the entire surface with a damp material to take away the baking soda residue, then blot dry with a clean fabric.
  • For even more stubborn stains, use a commercial cleaner to get rid of them. However, consider the manufacturer’s recommendation before proceeding with the same.  

Deodorizing the Mattress

  • Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the complete bed mattress. 
  • Use a smooth brush or your arms to deal with the baking soda in the cloth, which specializes in regions with lingering odors.
  • Allow the baking soda to sit for several hours or for a single day to absorb odors and moisture.
  • Vacuum the bed very well with the usage of a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment to do away with the baking soda residue.
  • Repeat the technique if vital till the bad odor is eliminated, then allow the mattress to air out before reassembling the bedding.

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Deep Cleaning Techniques

Here are some deep-cleaning techniques to eliminate even the hardest spots and stains from your bed mattress. Consider these methods as the guidelines: 

Steam Cleaning Method

  • Fill the steam purifier’s reservoir with water and make certain it’s far heated to the ideal temperature in line with the producer’s instructions.
  • Attach the upholstery cleansing device or nozzle suitable for mattresses to the steam purifier.
  • Test the steam cleaner on a small, inconspicuous area of the bed to ensure compatibility and prevent damage.
  • Starting from one nook of the mattress, slowly skip the steam cleaner over the surface in overlapping strokes.
  • Pay special attention to regions with visible stains or lingering odors, making use of extra steam as needed.
  • Allow the bed to air dry very well before reassembling the bedding, ensuring optimal airflow in the room.

Using Baking Soda for Stubborn Stains

  • Create a paste by mixing baking soda with a small quantity of water to shape a thick consistency.
  • Apply the baking soda paste immediately onto the cussed stains on the bed surface.
  • Gently scrub the paste into the stain with the use of a tender-bristled brush or sponge, operating in circular motions.
  • Let the baking soda paste take a seat on the stain for no less than twenty minutes to allow it to penetrate and raise the stain.
  • After the allotted time, use a humid cloth to wipe away the baking soda residue, blotting gently to avoid spreading the stain.
  • Repeat the system if essential till the stain is visibly diminished or removed totally.
  • Allow the mattress to air dry absolutely before proceeding with further cleaning or reassembling the bedding.

Worth Considering Preventative Measures

Consider these preventative measures whenever you are cleaning poop off a mattress. By doing so you can prevent major mishaps and potential accidents:

  • Invest in excellent, water-resistant mattress protectors to create a barrier between the bed floor and any capability accidents. Choose protectors which might be breathable and hypoallergenic to hold comfort and air circulation.
  • Encourage consistent restroom breaks before bedtime, mainly for your kids and pets, to lessen the chance of accidents during nighttime. Implement a normal bedtime recurring to promote higher sleep hygiene and reduce disruptions that could lead to such accidents.
  • Avoid consuming meals or liquids in bed to prevent accidental spills or leaks that could contaminate the bed mattress. Establish designated areas for eating and drinking to minimize the risk of accidents occurring on the mattress.
  • Implement a regular cleaning schedule for the mattress, along with vacuuming to remove dirt and particles. Also, notice cleaning requirements regularly. Rotate and turn the mattress periodically to ensure even usage, prolonging its lifespan and enhancing cleanliness. 
  • Keep a bed cleansing package with easily availability, stocked with vital cleansing components and gear for brief and powerful cleanup of injuries. Have spare bed protectors and bedding accessible to facilitate instant replacement in case of soiling or contamination.

Final Thoughts: How To Clean Poop Off A Mattress

Although removing excrement from a mattress can seem impossible, it is completely manageable with the correct method. You can make sure your mattress stays clean and hygienic by treating the stains and odors together with the proper cleaning methods.
We have dedicated our guide on how to clean poop off a mattress to the easiest techniques for regular cleaning. Premium mattresses demand similar care, which includes routine maintenance and quick response in such cases. It assists you in maintaining a tidy and pleasant sleeping space.

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