How to Clean Pura Vida Bracelets: Step by Step Guide

How to Clean Pura Vida Bracelets

Do your Pura Vida bracelets also require particularized cleaning? If yes, then how? Get all your answers in this guide on how to clean Pura Vida bracelets. 

Pura Vida bracelets are not random pieces of jewelry, instead, they resemble unique creativity and carefree styling. They are omitted from the casual types of jewelry and accessories. Due to the handmade crafting and exceptional craftsmanship, the Pura Vida bracelets are loved by countless people. 

Pura Vida also brings another definition of sustainable fashion because they employ environmentally friendly materials. That being said when you own such a unique piece of craftsmanship, you wouldn’t like to affect its beauty and elegance. This is when you need a particularized cleaning for your bracelets. 

But have you taken into consideration how to clean Pura Vida bracelets? If you think that the process is similar to that of any random piece of jewelry, certainly this is not the complete truth. This entire guide holds the proven methods and secret tips for cleaning Pura Vida bracelets. Let’s dive into the information needed. 

What Makes Pura Vida Bracelets Unique?

It’s not only the bespoken craftsmanship that makes Pura Vida unique but the wholesome construction and manufacturing detail add a spark in its beauty. As all the materials used are handcrafted, they remain harmless to both you and the environment. Besides being a savior for the environment, they are pure as well. 

The uniqueness of Pura Vida bracelets starts with the initial wax coating which might feel to be sticky for the initial uses. However, the stickiness vanishes off when you get accustomed to them. The wax coating is an exceptional addition to the bracelets as it boosts the appearance and security of the internal material. 

While we are discussing the wax coating, it’s unfair to neglect its water-resistant characteristics. It protects your entire bracelet from getting damaged no matter how much you expose it to water. Strings are entangled and remain in a constant position due to the wax coating itself. 

Apart from the simply constructed bracelets, if we go a little deeper, we will find customized bracelets with beads, metal stones, beautiful charms, etc. All of these metal accents add value and elegance to the crystalline appearance of Pura Vida bracelets. The addition of charms boosts authentic style and personalization to these bracelets. 

The decorative charms can be embedded as per your preferences ranging from moderately sized to heavy items. They are also said to have particular symbolization and meaning. These charms when combined with the beads change the entire game making the Pura Vida bracelets vibrant and classy. 

These bracelets also incorporate some durable materials like sterling silver which enhance their look and longevity simultaneously. Mainly, the connectors and clasps are made using these materials. All of these reasons give people a cosy and personalised feel allowing them to keep these beautiful pieces along for several years.

Why Should You Opt for Their Particularized Cleaning?

When the Pura Vida bracelets are so unique and special, their maintenance and cleaning automatically get particularized. To allow the elegance and charm of the Pura Vida bracelets maintained forever, schedule their optimal cleaning. 

Optimum cleaning will make their lifespan to be doubled instantly. Some specific reasons to learn how to clean Pura Vida bracelets optimistically and regularly are as follows: 

Dirt and dust particles don’t wait for any particular object to accumulate. No matter what the surface is, they can make their place until you don’t opt for regular cleaning. As they also come in regular contact with body oil and sweat, they start smelling bad as well. To eradicate all of these things, cleaning becomes undeniably important. 

The varying materials used in the manufacturing of the unique Pura Vida bracelets make it necessary to opt for a specialized cleansing. As the materials are different, the cleaning requirements can also vary. Keeping in mind the particular needs of the incorporated materials will not only keep the bracelets safe but also result in a boosted lifespan.

Taking care of unique products and accessories is never easy. This is when a special cleaning and maintenance schedule is recommended. Though meeting specific cleaning requirements is not so hard, all you need is carefulness and attention to each aspect. 

In-depth Learning of How to Clean Pura Vida Bracelets

In-depth Learning of How to Clean Pura Vida Bracelets

As we’ve already talked about the need for personalized cleaning, without wasting more time, let us start discussing how to clean Pura Vida bracelets. 

There are certain aspects of the cleaning process which must not be neglected to ensure the optimal cleaning. Though we know what the basic things are considered for cleaning, it is better to explore the following sections thoroughly. 

Foregather All That’s Needed

Cleaning never starts without an incomplete toolkit or without knowing what will be required in the cleaning process. This is when you might need the complete toolkit or you may also assemble all the essential supplies at your workspace. Here we are mentioning all that you might need: 

If you don’t want to opt for chemical cleansers or any artificial cleaning product, then consider some highly recommended household cleaners. A mild soap or dishwasher detergent is always the perfect choice to clean up dirty surfaces. Another easily available household item is baking soda which works exceptionally well even on hard stains. 

If you rely on the effectiveness of commercial cleaning products, then opt for the most suitable ones withstanding the material-specific needs. Also, make certain that the commercial products are reliable and don’t cause discoloration issues. 

Don’t Forget Preparations 

While you are gathering essentials, give yourself enough time to make the necessary preparations. As cleaning delicate components and products is never a cup of tea, preparatory steps will ease your task and help you get satisfactory results. Even though you have collected all the required tools, cross-check over the things. 

Cross-checking allows us to know if anything is missing. Your next step must be clearing up your workspace. Ensure that it is perfectly cleaned and readily accessible for initiating the cleaning process. Collecting the cleaning essentials and preparing the workspace have specific significance but inspecting the Pura Vida bracelet is crucial of all. 

Having said that, you can’t clean the bracelet in any condition. As you are learning how to clean Pura Vida bracelets, it is crucial to know that damaged or extremely faded parts of the bracelet should be replaced. Soon after you notice any such part, consider replacing it instantly. If those things are repairable, then repairing them is never a bad idea. 

Initiating a simple yet thorough inspection of the entire Pura Vida bracelet can boost the effectiveness of the cleaning process. When you know what parts are most affected, you can pay more attention to those specific parts. Also, check the condition of the attached strings ensuring that they are tight. If not, tie a tight knot along the strings. 

These small factors shouldn’t be overlooked and must be given the same importance as the main cleaning process. By implementing the inspection technique, a better idea and enhanced cleaning experience can be achieved. 

Errors to be Avoided  

Never forget that you’re handling a piece of handcrafted jewelry. You will need to follow some specific instructions while cleaning and handling them. Here are some common errors that you must simply avoid either while cleaning or handling the Pura Vida bracelets.

  1. Never overlook the materials used in the bracelets. It is better to understand your jewlery and its specifications so that you handle them well. 
  2. This is often neglected by people but a piece of accessory must not be worn regularly. When regular contact with sweat and oil, the quality of bracelets simply deteriorates. 
  3. Pura Vida bracelets are delicate so they might not handle the abrasiveness of chemical cleansers. Never opt for such cleaning products. 
  4. If you think your bracelets are getting cleaned when you go for everyday showers, then they are not cleansed but are only faded and deteriorated. So, avoid wearing them while taking showers.
  5. No matter how sturdy the materials are, if you are applying extra force, then it will reduce the charm and durability of your beloved Pura Vida bracelets. 

Steps for Cleaning String Pura Vida Bracelets 

When cleaning the string Pura Vida bracelets, people often opt for certain methods and each method works as well. The easiest way is— water and normal soap. Let’s see the process:

Step 1: You may work with any non-abrasive soap but dish soap is our recommendation. Prepare a soapy mixture out of the soap and slightly warm water. 

Step 2: Put the bracelet in the mixture to make it wet. As soon it is wet, start rubbing it with your fingers. This shall remove the dust buildup easily. Still, if it is tricky then use a soft toothbrush. 

Step 3: Once you apply the toothbrush, it will loose up all the buildup particles. When done, rinse off the Pura Vida bracelet using warm and clean water and then allow it to dry naturally. 

How to Clean Pura Vida Bracelets: Beaded and Metal Ones

Now, we turn on how to clean Pura Vida bracelets—beaded and metal ones. Having no major difference from the string bracelets, these may require a little more careful handling. Let’s have a look:

Step 1: Taking specialized cleansers in use here, simply apply them to every hook and nook of the bracelets. Make certain that it reaches all around the beads and metal accents. 

Step 2: Rubbing the parts with your hands or toothbrushes incorporate as the next step. Here, be a little more gentle as your beads and metal components are prone to damage. 

Step 3: Make certain that you’ve scrubbed and rinsed each part of the bracelet effectively and correctly. Well, it’s better to not let them get dirty but following the correct technique is crucial when handling the beaded and metal-infused bracelets.

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Amazing Tips to Boost the Longevity of Pura Vida Bracelets 

While Pura Vida bracelets are already durable and have supreme longevity, you may incorporate these incredible tips to enhance their lifespan to another extent. Here is the care guide you must consider:

Minimal Exposure to Water:

When you delve deeper into the construction process, you’ll notice that the materials are highly resistant to water and moisture. Still, it’s recommended not to expose them to such conditions for a long time. Regular exposure to water may not allow the strings and other materials to dry causing mold growth in those parts. 

Always Consider Air-drying:

Unlike some sturdy materials, the composition of Pura Vida bracelets can’t withstand extreme sunlight. Whenever the bracelet gets wet, use the air-drying methods only. Exposure to straight sunlight or any other such factor may lead the strings and fibers to shrink ultimately damaging the entire Pura Vida bracelet. 

Mindful Storage:

Mindful storage not only means that you keep your jewelry in a closet or almirah. Instead, it requires safe storage in the bags or covers specifically designed for storing Pura Vida accessories. Consider purchasing small bags for the bracelets which will protect them from tangling and shrinking. 

Avoid Contacts to Body Oil:

Besides not taking them to regular showers, avoid excessive contact with body oil and sweat simultaneously. Both of these substances can deteriorate the integrity of your Pura Vida bracelets. Keep them away whenever going for any such activity. 

Buff Clean Randomly: 

You might be wondering what buff cleaning is. It is nothing technical but related to random cleaning. Simply take a soft cloth randomly and consider removing accumulated dirt and dust build-ups from your bracelets.

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Summing It Up: How to Clean Pura Vida Bracelets 

No matter what type of Pura Vida bracelet you own, neither of them is cleaned by any other methods but the ones mentioned in this guide. The rules and steps are the same for your Pura Vida hand bracelets as well as ankle bracelets. 

Now that you have an in-depth learning of how to clean Pura Vida bracelets, consider following these steps whenever you feel like your bracelets need specialized cleaning. Do not forget to incorporate the amazing maintenance tips into your daily routine which will only end up with beneficial results in the long run. 

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