How to Clean Reebok Classics (Advices From The Experts)

How to Clean Reebok Classics

How to Clean Reebok Classics

Are you someone fond of wearing sneakers or branded shoes like me? And also is it always stressed to keep it and maintain it to look like a brand new? Well, then you have landed in the exact right place. In this article, we are going to learn about so many things, mainly about How to Clean Reebok Classics

I am a big Reebok fan and have like almost every shoe from the Reebok newly launched collection, Crazy right? But yeah, why not? We live once and if you do not fulfill your desire then why are you even working so hard day and night? I am someone who likes to provide for my family and myself as well. Well, we can discuss ourselves later as well but first, let’s discuss what we are here for.

Reebok shoes are designed in such a way that they provide a superior level of comfort and support to their users and not just that. You will see Reebok has so many designs which can fulfill most of your purposes as well. You can go with Reebok anywhere, everywhere without giving it a second thought. With Reebok, you will not have to adjust or compromise your look in any way

Because they just don’t think about your comfort but also about your looks, from everyday looks to occasional looks they are sutle about everything. But you have to make sure that this brand is taking care of your all needs.

You also have to take care of its maintenance because even most diamonds need the utmost care just like the most superior quality footwear needs the proper care to perform properly and appear nice to you. 

Now, exactly where shoe care comes into the picture. Maintaining and taking care of your Reebok shoes regularly can increase their life span and performance as well.

Using your shoes regularly can accommodate a lot of dirt in them and this leads to fungi and bacteria and also a lot of unpleasant odor in it, which can lead to skin infection as well. This accommodates dirt and grime and can lead to the weakening of the quality of the shoes over time, which leads to a decrease in the lifespan and durability of the shoes. 

Now, here comes the part where you have to maintain the health of your shoes and maintain their cleanliness. By doing so you can increase the life and performance of your shoes. Fresh and stylish shoes are something everyone wants but it’s not easy to get you gotta work hard my friend.

Now in this article, we are majorly going to focus on the expert’s advice to keep your shoes clean. We are going to explore options on how we can wash our Reebok sports shoes, we are also going to discuss the do’s and don’ts we have to keep in mind while cleaning it

What are the most appropriate methods of cleaning the shoes and what supplies are available in the market to do so? And a step-by-step guide for washing your shoes using your hands and for machine washing as well. You can follow that advice, the tips and tricks and you can ensure that your favorite Reebok shoes remain top-notch quality just like the time it was when you bought them.

First and foremost let’s learn about the do’s and the don’ts that you have to keep in mind before washing your shoes. When we are talking about washing sports shoes, there are so many pieces of advice you will get from different people but you just have to listen to expert advice because they are experts for a reason right? With this advice, they make sure to educate you about maintaining the look of your shoes, the performance, and also the longevity of your shoes. 

So, here to help you navigate the entire cleaning process, we’ve compiled the entire list of advice and essential parts of Do’s and Don’ts that you have to keep in mind while washing and you better not miss any of the below-mentioned points.

Do’s: How to Clean Reebok Classics

How to Clean Reebok Classics

This first point is something we as a human always kind of ignore. Like reading a care label. Make sure you are not ever missing it again because you are reading the care label properly, you have almost won the war. No, but seriously, Always check for the care label on your favorite Reebok shoes and read it carefully

This label is gonna teach you a lot of things about the shoes. Also, this care label provides you instructions very specific and based on the shoes material, nature, and construction of your shoes, by ensuring such deep information about the shoes you can now clean them correctly without doing any damage to them.

While washing your shoes the first thing that you have to do is to remove all the excess dirt which is easy to remove and is visible to your eyes and hands. Now, gently start scrubbing your shoes off to loose dirt and debris that may be stuck in the shoes with the soft bristles brush or you can also use a dry cloth. Now, this will prevent the extra unnecessary dirt from spreading during the cleaning process which can cause more yellowness because of it. 

Always go for mild soaps or detergents because you do not wanna be harsh on your favorite things right? Well, yes also pick a mild soap as a shoe cleaner or you can use a mild detergent shoe cleaners which are available in the market and use those soaps for cleaning your Reebok sports shoes. Using gentle soap can prevent any kind of damage to your shoe’s material, its color or anything else. So, it has to be always a gentle soap.

Make sure you are cleaning the insoles and laces separately from the shoes. You can remove insoles and laces before starting to wash your shoes. Washing them separately is gonna make your process simpler on the first hand and also it will allow you to clean properly when it’s separated. You can use any gentle or same gentle soap that you are using to wash the shoes and allow them to air dry completely.

Make sure you are air-drying your shoes completely. Well, I usually always make sure that all my wearables are air-dried properly, and then only I wear them. But here in this case we are talking about the Reebok classics and because that is also a wearable. 

I will suggest you make sure you are air-drying them properly and then using them again. You can let them sit under any well-ventilated area, and make sure they are not very close to the direct heat sources like any radiator and sunlight as well. This will help to prevent the material of your shoes from maintaining their shape and quality.


Well, this you will hear from a lot of people and you will hear them right. Well, please make sure that you are not using any type of bleaching agent for washing your shoes because you might like it initially but you have no idea how much is it going to harm your shoe’s quality and spoil them. Which you will see ultimately. This will weaken your shoe’s quality and leave discoloration on them. So, be very cautious about bleaching your shoes.

Well, make sure you are not soaking your shoes underwater because this can result in a spoiler to your shoe’s health. This will result in damage to your shoe’s glue and material as well. But now the question is how are you going to clean them? Well, you can simply use a damp cloth or any sponge to clean your shoes with very gentle pressure applied to them.

Well, it is not at all hard to wash your shoes with your hands because you do not have to apply a lot of force and it is not even heavy at all. But if you are someone who cleans everything with your machine well, it is time to be careful about your shoes because you should not use the machine unless it is mentioned on the care label.

You can use machine wash if it is mentioned in the label but better if you refuse to do so. Try to stick to an authentic way of hand-washing to avoid any kind of irreversible damage to your shoes.

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Make sure you are not using any direct heat source to dry your shoes because this can damage your shoes inside out. Never use hair dryers, tumble dryers, or never place your shoes directly in front of a heater to fasten their drying process. This can cause its materials to warp, shrink, or weaken and can also lead to visible cracks.

To keep something healthy and happy you have to make sure you are maintaining it regularly. To clean your favorite shoes occasionally is not going to be enough if you want to keep them healthy as well.

You have to make sure that it’s been maintained regularly. Just be proactive when it comes to their maintenance and cleanliness, you can simply wipe them off and remove dirt after every use and store them in a properly dust-free space

You can simply keep and maintain your Reebok shoe’s health by just sticking to the do’s and don’ts given by the experts. If you stick to this plan your shoes are going to remain excellent by looking comfortable, performing and always good-looking. 

While checking for the care label you might end up finding that your Reebok shoes are compatible with Machine wash. Now, in such cases, the cleaning of your Reebok shoes becomes an easy and fast process. So, let’s learn about how you can wash your shoes in a machine and what is the right way to do so. 

Machine Wash

Machine washes are not recommended for all types of shoes so make sure before doing it you better read the care label. In case, your shoes are compatible with machine wash then definitely go for it because machine washes are such a convenient way to clean your Reebok shoes. Read the below steps to know when it’s suitable to use the machine wash.

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When it’s safe:

  1. Also, check for the care label: It will be mentioned very clearly in the care label if your shoes are recommended for machine wash or not.
  2. Also check for what material the Shoes are made out of. If it is from canvas, mesh, or synthetic materials it is usually machine-friendly.

How to do it right:

  1. Always make sure to remove dirt- You can use a dry brushing method where you can simply brush off the extra dirt or loose dirt particles from your shoes before putting them inside the washing machine.
  2. Make sure to pull off the insoles and laces: You can take off the insoles and laces out of the shoes and wash them separately so that it didn’t get tangled.
  3. Make sure to use a laundry bag: Keep your favorite Reebok shoes in a mesh laundry bag to keep them protected during the wash because during rotation they can get damaged to keep them protected you better put them inside the mesh.
  4. Choose a program as a gentle wash: usually all the automatic machines nowadays have different modes of washes. So, always set your washing machine to a gentle wash program with cold water to make sure you are avoiding any type of damage to your shoes.
  5. Adding mild detergent: Make sure to use mild or gentle detergents to clean your shoes gently and any kind of damage.
  6. Wash your shoes with similar types of items: You can wash towels or any other type of soft clothes to wash along with the shoes, now this is going to help your shoes provide a cushiony feel and will reduce noise.
  7. Make sure of Air drying: This is the most important thing among all that you are making sure that you are air drying the shoes after washing, you better let them air dry by themself instead of keeping them in front of direct sunlight or heater.


Well, you might have gotten all the answers to your questions on this topic but I would still choose to wash off my shoes with my hands because I know machines are very convenient and good and also less work. But washing them with your gentle hands is always very authentic and satisfying to me.

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