How to Clean Your TYMO Straightening Brush


Are you also looking for easy alternatives on how to clean your TYMO straightening brush? Look no further than this guide to learn some easier methods.

A hair straightening brush is far more than a simple styling tool. Hair straighteners play a crucial role in providing you with the look you want. These TYMO straighteners are a great help when you do not have the time to visit salons. However, have you ever thought about cleaning your TYMO straightening brush?

TYMO straightening brushes need only regular cleaning, which means you are not required to take on the stress of specialized cleaning and care. A clean brush can boost the aesthetics of your tool and enhance its lifespan too.

How Often Should I Clean My TYMO Brush?

If you are going to learn the process of TYMO straightening brush cleaning, then you first must know what you need to emphasize when cleaning your TYMO straightener. Cleaning is not just limited to the aesthetic appeal of the styling tool; it is also essential for the overall performance of the tool.

Product buildup is a major concern that could take place when you do not pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of your TYMO straightening brush. It is quite obvious and possible that your hair products, such as gel, hairsprays, and serums, accumulate on the surface of the brush and even inside the bristles. Regular cleaning helps in eradicating this issue.

You also cannot compromise with your hair by using a dirty and contaminated straightening brush. When you use your TYMO hair straightening brush, it collects all the debris from your hair and scalp. If you put the straightener back without cleaning it, then all these particles will accumulate microorganisms, which will return to your scalp in the next use.

Hair straightening is a process in which hair strands get stuck in the bristles. To remove all the trapped hair, it is necessary that you clean your straightening comb at regular intervals. When the trapped hairs are left stuck in the brush, they impact the overall performance of the brush. The next time you use the brush, you might have to spend time cleaning it.

Also, any debris left untreated can lead to the development of mold and several types of bacteria. Whenever you use your brush, bacteria will be transferred to your head, leading to infections and potential diseases. When cleaned regularly, the fungal and bacterial growth is eliminated, leading to a healthier and better TYMO straightening brush.

Collecting the Essential Tools for the Cleaning Process

You can effectively accomplish your cleaning procedure when you possess the right and most appropriate tools. You can consider the following list of must-have tools for your upcoming procedure:

#1. Gentle Cleanser:

A gentle cleanser is very much needed when you are going to clean an electrical device. Always opt for a gentle cleaning agent or consider having mild soap and detergent is also great. These will be extremely gentle for your TYMO straightening brush. Do not take the help of any abrasive cleaners. 

#2. Cleaning Brush:

A cleaning brush is necessary to reach the tough spots and hard parts of your TYMO straightening brush. These brushes can remove the hard strangled hair and even the smallest component from your straightener. Choose a brush that is specifically designed to meet the needs of styling tools. 

#3. Soft Towel:

You will need a soft towel or microfiber cloth to dry the entire TYMO straightening brush. The towel must be dry and lint-free so that no fibers get stuck in the tool while cleaning.  

#4. Warm Water:

You will need warm water for the cleaning process. Ensure that the water is slightly warm and does not get too hot. Excessively hot water can damage the components of the TYMO straightening brush.

#5. Cotton Swabs:

Cotton swabs are very useful when you are unable to reach the harder spots. They clean every part of the tool without causing any harm to it. These tools are beneficial while you are cleaning the tiny spaces between the brush bristles.


Detailed Steps on How to Clean Your TYMO Straightening Brush

Here are the steps to clean every part of your TYMO straightening brush. You can take advantage of the simultaneous steps for each part. Take a look at these detailed guides in order to make your work simpler.

Steps for Removing Hair and Debris 

As your TYMO Straightening brush gets older, it might accumulate hair and other debris. It becomes crucial to clean them to maintain the optimal performance of the straightening brush.

Step 1: When you are going to clean your TYMO straightening brush, you first need to unplug it. Give appropriate time to thoroughly inspect the brush so that you learn about residues and hair strands.

Step 2: If you witness any loose hair strands, then try to remove them with your hand. The fewer hair strands there will be in the brush, the less time and effort you will need to devote to the cleaning process.

Step 3: After removing the loose strands, you may use another brush or soft cloth to remove the hard strands or stubborn particles. This might take time due to the presence of hard spots and the debris stuck over there.

Step 4: Once you feel like the task is done, go for reinspecting all the parts of your TYMO straightening brush. If you feel the necessity, then you can repeat the process again until it is cleaned.

Step 5: Some delicate spots need superior attention, so ensure that all the parts are cleaned successfully. When done, you can use the TYMO straightening brush without any issues.

Steps for Cleaning the Exterior and Main Body

Step 1: Foremost, you are required to fill a spotless material with water. Crush out any abundance of dampness with the goal of making the material marginally soggy but not wet.

Step 2: Delicately wipe the whole surface of the brush, including the handle, body, and any buttons or switches. Move the fabric in several movements to eliminate any soil or buildup successfully.

Step 3: Focus on any hard spots, regions, or fissures where residue or buildup might collect. Utilize your fingertips or a delicate fiber so that this residue buildup can be cleaned optimally.

Step 4: If there are more difficult spots or stains on the outside of the brush, you can utilize a gentle cleanser or cleaning solvent. Apply a limited quantity to the spongy fabric and tenderly rub the impacted regions. Make certain to wash the material completely and eliminate any extra cleanser buildup.

Tips For Proper Storage and Drying of TYMO Straightening Brush 

Following are some tips that you might consider for the drying process and proper storage of your TYMO straightening brush:

  • The most important thing to remember is the removal of additional and excessive water, cleaning solution, or any cleanser you are using. While removing, do not try to twist any part of the brush to avoid damage.
  • If you are thinking that a hairdryer can speed up the process of drying the parts, then you are most likely wrong. The hairdryer has immense heat that will catch the bristles and damage them.
  • Before you are going to store the TYMO straightening brush, take a closer look at the tool to see if it is completely dry or not. Wet components can catch moisture, which will ultimately cause damage.
  • Consider the location of the brush before keeping it. This becomes quite essential to avoid potential damage and hazards. A good storage bag must be handy after completing the cleaning procedure.
  • You should wait until the hair-straightening tool becomes cool enough that you can place it in the storage box. Do not store it while there is even a slight heat, as it could be the reason for moisture buildup. It will damage the surrounding objects as well.
  • The power cord must not be overlooked while you are handling the straightening tool. It must be wrapped and stored in a proper wrapper so that no tangling occurs, or else the power cord will be at risk of hazards.

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Maintenance Guide for Your TYMO Straightening Brush

After cleaning, consider the following maintenance guidelines to keep your TYMO straightening brush in the most optimal condition for a longer time.

  • You should keep your straightening brush free from hair strands and other debris. This will prevent any residue buildup and keep the brush performing at its best.
  • It is better to minimize the use of any styling products in your hair if you are going to use a TYMO straightening brush. Less usage means fewer leftover particles, which will accumulate on the brush and its bristles.
  • Cleaning your brush when you have used it five to six times can be a great help in keeping your TYMO straightening brush clean in the long run. There will be no extra stuff to clean, which will ultimately save you time.
  • The brush is also required to be placed in clean surroundings. This means that you cannot keep the brush anywhere; instead, keep it in the container away from moisture-prone areas. 
  • People often share their straightening brushes with others without any hesitation. However, this must be avoided to prevent the straightener from getting contaminated. Sharing brushes leads to an unhygienic surface, which is ultimately responsible for infections.
  • Consider sanitizing your TYMO straightening brush with an alcohol-based cleanser and sanitizer. This will keep your brush safe from harmful bacteria and other contaminants, and you will need to pay less attention to the thorough cleaning procedure.
  • Do not hesitate to replace your TYMO straightening brush. No matter how connected you are with your styling tool, ultimately it will need to be replaced. When you notice that the hair straightening tool is hard to clean and lacks performance, you should replace it and purchase a new one.


With some simple considerations and following certain straightforward steps, you can keep your TYMO straightening brush in the most optimal condition. The major points you should keep in mind are that maintaining regular cleaning schedules for your TYMO straightening brush and having proper storage can keep it serving with the best performance for a longer time.

All the steps and tips mentioned in this guide on TYMO straightening brush cleaning have been cross-checked multiple times. You can opt for these measures and steps without any hassle so that the brush continues to deliver longevity, durability, and lasting performance. 

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