11 Genius Hacks To Store Cleaning Supplies In Your Home


If you want to keep your house clean and hygienic, you will need an adequate amount of energy and time and the right cleaning supplies. It is worth noting that the organization of store cleaning supplies should not be neglected when considering proper garbage disposal and decluttering of the space. 

This article unveils 11 ingenious hacks for effectively storing cleaning essentials within your home. From utilizing vertical space to repurposing everyday items, these tips will streamline your cleaning routine and help declutter your living space for a more organized and efficient home environment.

Innovative Hacks to Store Cleaning Supplies:

Hack 1: Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

Store cleaning items in an over-the-door shoe organizer. Because of the clear pockets, spray bottles, sponges, and brushes are easily visible and accessible. Hang it on any door to make room, keep necessities organized, and guarantee easy access to your cleaning supplies. 

Hack 2: Pegboard Storage System

Put a pegboard in your garage or utility room to keep cleaning supplies organized. Hooks and baskets are used to hang mops, dusters, and brooms, keeping them visible and handy. This adaptable solution makes the most of the wall area, avoids clutter, and simplifies your cleaning schedule. 


Utilize Vertical Space – Install shelves or racks on closet doors or in laundry rooms.

Hack 3: Lazy Susan in Cabinets

Use a lazy susan to maximize cabinet space. This revolving tray minimizes clutter and makes the most of corner areas by providing easy access to cleaning items in the back. Perfect for tiny tools, cleaning supplies, and spray bottles, it guarantees that everything is accessible without opening cupboards. 

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Hack 4: Tension Rod Under the Sink

A tension rod is used to use the vertical space beneath the sink. Hang cleaning cloths, gloves, and spray bottles to keep them organized and off the cabinet floor. This easy-to-use yet efficient tip maximizes storage space, prevents spills, and keeps the under-sink area clutter-free. 

Hack 5: Magnetic Strips for Small Metal Tools

Attach magnetic strips to cabinet doors or walls to organize small metal cleaning items. Items like brushes, metal scrubbers, and scissors should be organized and easily accessible. This compact solution keeps drawers organized, guarantees that tools are easily accessible, and infuses efficiency into your cleaning regimen. 

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Hack 6: Utilize the Garage

Store large cleaning equipment and supplies in the garage. Arrange vacuum cleaners, mop heads, brooms, and install wall-mounted racks, cabinets, and shelves. Easy access to necessary cleaning supplies clears internal storage space and keeps garage areas tidy. 

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Hack 7: Clear Plastic Bins with Labels

Sort cleaning materials into easily identifiable transparent plastic bins. Store supplies like sponges, brushes, and clothing to maintain a neat and effective cleaning space. Labels ensure everything has a home, and transparent containers make it easy to see what’s within. Knowing how to store cleaning supplies makes cleaning easier. 


Clear labels will save you time searching for specific cleaners and prevent you from grabbing the wrong thing in a hurry.

Hack 8: Hanging Baskets Inside Cabinets

Hanging baskets within cabinet doors maximize cabinet space. They hold sponges, cleaning brushes, and tiny bottles, making regularly used goods easily accessible. This sensible fix makes the most of the space available for doors, clears out clutter from shelves, and guarantees a tidy cleaning area. 

Hack 9: Caddy on Wheels

Investing in a rolling caddy is another important factor when learning how to store cleaning supplies. Choose a durable, multi-compartment caddy to keep cleaners, rags, and brushes easily available during cleaning sessions. This portable cleaning solution eliminates the inconvenience of moving supplies from room to room and simplifies your cleaning regimen. 

Hack 10: DIY Cleaning Supply Closet

Convert a small closet into a space designated for storing cleaning supplies. Install hooks, shelves, and racks to arrange mops, vacuums, and other cleaning supplies. This centralized method simplifies storage, guarantees simple access to supplies, and optimizes your cleaning schedule for optimal effectiveness. 


Before you start organizing, purge any expired or unused cleaning products.

Hack 11: Under-Shelf Baskets

Under-shelf baskets maximize vertical space in cupboards or closets. Put them under the current shelves to add space for tiny goods like cleaning cloths and wipes. This ingenious solution guarantees a clean, well-organized cleaning area, maximizes storage capacity, and keeps things off the base shelf. 

Where should Cleaning Chemicals Safely Stored?

Chemicals and cleaning supplies should be kept out of reach of children and dogs in a cold, dry location away from food. Locked cabinets or high shelves are ideal for this. Please keep them in the same packaging with the labels still on them to prevent confusion or mishaps. To avoid fume accumulation, keep volatile substances away from radiators and ensure the storage room is well-ventilated.  Some of the common cleaning Products that are Dangerous to combine.

How To Store Cleaning Sponges

To store cleaning sponges, rinse them thoroughly after each use and let them air dry completely in a well-ventilated area. You should store them in a dry location to prevent bacterial growth and odors. Avoid storing wet sponges in closed containers or plastic bags, as this can promote mold and bacterial growth. Replace sponges regularly to maintain cleanliness and effectiveness.


Maintaining a clean, safe, orderly home requires properly storing chemicals and cleaning materials. The chance of mishaps or misuse can be significantly decreased by keeping these products out of the reach of children and pets, storing them in a cool, dry location away from food, and ensuring enough ventilation.

At the same time, cleaning sponges can be kept fresh and free of bacteria by being kept in a clean, dry place and changed frequently. Adhering to these storage standards can provide you and your family with a hygienic and secure living environment. 

Now that you’re armed with these hacks and tips, what’s the one cleaning supply you struggle to store effectively?

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