11 Bizarre Cleaning Hacks That Actually Get the Job Done Easily

Are you also tired of using conventional cleaning hacks and methods? Many of them are tiresome and don’t even show the expected results. Such cleaning ideas are available everywhere on the internet but are time-consuming. 

Even cleaning products you use would yield a different result. Just think something out of the box. That said, some not-so-common and bizarre cleaning hacks can get the job done without causing additional issues. 

Bizarre Cleaning Hacks That Works!

It’s time to choose some surprising cleaning tips that can make a huge difference. Here are 11 bizarre cleaning hacks that will help and amaze you simultaneously. You’re suggested to try these DIY cleaning hacks for once. 

Hack 1: Ketchup For Copper and Brass


You can smear ketchup on the brass and copper items. Allow the ketchup to sit on the items for 15 minutes. Tomatoes have an acidic nature, and that acidity helps tarnish and break down from the brass and copper items.

After the advocated time, wash the items and buff them well for a brighter and shinier surface. This hack goes well for small decorative items and kitchen tools. 

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Hack 2: Mayo For Water Rings 

You can clean wooden furniture using a small quantity of mayonnaise to prevent water rings. After soaking it for multiple hours or even overnight, you will get the desired results. The mayo’s oils and proteins aid in penetrating the wood and removing moisture.

Use a gentle cloth to clean the area after the waiting period. This trick efficiently lessens or gets rid of water rings, giving the wood its original beauty without doing any more harm.

Hack 3: Vodka For Upholstery 

To get rid of smells, spray vodka on fabrics and upholstery. The alcohol in the vodka swiftly evaporates. It eliminates lingering scents and kills the microorganisms that create them. All you have to do is lightly sprinkle it on the furniture. Allow appropriate time to dry while enjoying the mesmerizing scent.

This technique provides a quick, straightforward refresh without harmful chemicals, making it perfect for couches, chairs, and car interiors.

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Hack 4: Bread For Broken Glass

Pick up microscopic glass fragments with a piece of bread. The spot where the glass broke should be gently pressed with the bread. The bread’s soft, porous nature is trapped by the tiniest particles, which are too small for a broom or vacuum.

After using the bread, dispose of it safely. This hack safely removes all the fragments from the kitchen and dining rooms. 

Hack 5: Lemon for Microwave Cleaning

Place some slices of lemon in a bowl and keep it inside the microwave oven. Allow it to steam for no more than five minutes. This steam will remove the food splatters and grime from the oven’s surface.

Once done, remove the lemon bowl with extreme care and consider wiping off the interior surface using a damp cloth. Get a clean and deodorized microwave oven through this quick cleaning hacks. 

Hack 6: Banana Peel for Silver

Wipe silverware using the inner surface of a banana peel. Rub the peel on the pieces of tarnished silver. Shine is restored, tarnish is lifted thanks to the peel’s organic oils and mild abrasiveness. Rinse the objects with warm water after polishing, then pat dry with a gentle towel.

It is a cheap and environmentally safe alternative to chemical polishes for maintaining the finest possible shine on your silver.

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Hack 7: Shaving Cream for Carpet Stains

Shaving cream should be applied to carpet stains, then left for around half an hour. The stain is lifted from the carpet fibers with the aid of the foam. Once you’ve waited, use a fresh, moist cloth to blot the area, and then wash it quickly with some water.

Using a different fresh cloth, blot dry. This tip works wonders on various stains and leaves your carpet smelling great without using harsh chemicals

Hack 8: Drying Sheets For Burnt-on Food 

Soak pots and pans with burnt-on food by placing a dryer sheet in the bottom and filling it with warm water. Let it sit for a few hours or overnight. The fabric softener in the dryer sheet helps to loosen the burnt food particles.

After soaking, scrub the pot or pan as usual, and the residue should come off more easily. This hack makes cleaning tough, stuck-on food less of a chore.

Hack 9: Vegetable Oil for Cleaning Wood Floors

For wooden floorings, dab a slight vegetable oil into a towel. The oil adds an extra barrier that highlights the natural beauty of the wood while also aiding in removing dirt and grime. Use a fresh, dry cloth to buff the floor to remove extra oil.

With this tip, you can maintain your floors’ shiny, well-maintained appearance without using harsh commercial wood cleaners.

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Hack 10: Toothpaste For Dirty Sneakers 

You can apply toothpaste on the scratched and unclean parts of your sneakers. Apply toothpaste or rubber to the cloth or scrape it with a toothbrush. Mud and stains can be eliminated with the toothpaste’s gentle abrasives. After cleaning with a moist cloth, allow it to dry.

When used on white or light-colored sneakers, this hack can rapidly give them a new look and revitalize their appearance. 

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Hack 11: Cornstarch for Tarnished Silver 

Apply a paste made of cornstarch and water on tarnished silver objects. Allow the paste to dry completely; this should take 15 to 20 minutes on average. Using a soft towel, gently remove the paste once it has dried. Without harming the silver, the cornstarch’s gentle abrasiveness removes the tarnish.

After using warm water to rinse, buff dry. With this technique, you may quickly and gently bring back the luster of your silver objects.


Whether you are worried about a regular cleaning regimen or opting for seasonal cleaning, these quick and insane cleaning hacks can do wonders for your household.

You might not have yet to think of the items that can do the cleaning miracles. However, using all such items requires mindful uses and the appropriate quantity. Research the cleaning ingredients you’re using for cleaning specific items well.

So, Are you ready to revolutionize your cleaning regimen with creative cleaning hacks?

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