How to Clean A Longchamp Bag: A Complete Guide

How to Clean A Longchamp Bag

How to Clean A Longchamp Bag

If you have an utter love for the Longchamp brand, then welcome to this article, and if you have recently been introduced to this brand, let me tell you, you are going to love everything about this brand as long as you keep learning about it. You will realize this brand has another level of fanbase in the market.

A little introduction that I would like to give you all about this brand called Longchamp is that it is an international brand that dominates the market for handbags and purses for both men and women. Longchamp is a brand based out of Paris and is today leading the international market.

Now, when it comes to its products, it surely has supremacy in the market, and when it comes to its quality and designs, sleek designs are worth the quality. It has a cost that can shake you up, but it is worth it.

So, if you are someone who already owns a beautiful bag from Longchamp and wants to keep it that way for a longer period, that simply means that you will have to take good care of the bag and to do so, you need to learn how to do it.

Just normal cleaning of your bag with normal clean tissue is not enough to take care of your designer bag from Longchamp. You will also find it on their website or somewhere about how to clean the Longchamp bags because there is an official cleaning guideline for the same, but if you are someone who wants to go for some normal and simple cleaning methods instead of following up on the routine method.

Well, we have some ways for you that you can try and follow to keep your Longchamp-branded bag clean and beautiful, like brand new.

But first, before we jump into any new methods, let’s take it traditionally and learn how to clean a Longchamp bag as per their official guidelines.

Official Guidelines to Clean the Longchamp Bag:

1. Apply Longchamp colorless cream to the leather areas.

This cream works as a cleaning agent without harming the color of your designer bag or the quality of it as well. You can easily get this cream from their store and online store.

So, the first step of this very process should be to use Longchamp’s colorless cream, but if you do not have this cream, you can go for other alternative methods, like any other cream-based leather cleaning product that is available in the market and is also colorless and suitable for all the leather-based products.

  • Now, simply use any soft brush that is available at your home, and then you can start scrubbing the leather of your bag very gently with the cream.
  • Once the cream has been scrubbed all over the leather portions firmly, you have to clean the leather. Start wiping any excess cream that is on the surface with a clean, dry cloth. Try to make small circular motions while cleaning the bag, this will leave no cleaning prints on it.

2. Try to clean the canvas with normal soap and water.

Well, this Longchamp bag is all designer and has rich quality material used in it. Most of the Longchamp bags are leather-based, but some of them are canvas-based or partially made of canvas material. Now, try to clean this canvas material with a soft cloth or any soft bristle brush. Along with this, you want to use lukewarm water and soap that is neutral.

Now, while using soap, make sure you are using a mild soap that is free from any type of dye or any fragrance in it.

Make sure you are not letting a single drop of water spill on the leather portion of your bag. The simple justification for this would be that the water has a property that can damage the leather’s quality.

Now, it would be better if you cleaned both sides of your Longchamp bag—the outside and the inside—simply by using soap and water. Before washing it off, follow the ritual of removing any particles that are inside the bag before cleaning it.

3. Let it dry.

Now, it is time to let it sit and air dry by itself. Now that you have already cleaned the canvas portions of your Longchamp bag by using soap and water, just let it rest in the well-ventilated room for a few hours until it completely dries.

By using the long straps of your bags, you can hang them on the handles or any hanger if you have them. Just hang this in an upright direction by using a clothing hanger, and then you just have to keep it in an open area where you get proper sunlight just to make sure that you are speeding up the drying process for your bag.

4. Protect the leather with a waterproofing agent.

Now, since I have already mentioned this earlier, water can damage the quality of your leather-based bags. So, we are not going to use it, but we have some other alternative cream-based colorless cleaning agents for your leather bag and also a leather conditioner for keeping its shine just like a new one. Leather conditions work just like hair conditioners work with our hair.

You can simply use a very small amount of waterproofing agent on your cleaned and dried bag, and after applying it, you have to gently buff it into the leather by using the old method of circular motions, making sure you are letting the leather absorb the cream. Repeat the method until you are buffing the cream entirely into the leather and it disappears into the material well.

So, now that we have been through the entire official method of how to clean Longchamp bags, I hope you remember that we have some alternative methods as well to clean these bags.

Now, before moving into these alternative methods, make sure you are gentle with your leather bags because, as much as they look beautiful, they are delicate, and a simple crack on their body can ruin the seamlessness of seeing and admiring the piece of art made out of that material.

We will try to be very authentic with these alternative methods and trust me, this is not going to ruin anything in your bags It is going to feel as new as it was, and it will not just maintain the quality of your bag but also be very cost-friendly for your pocket.

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Some alternative methods of how to clean A Longchamp Bag:

Some alternative methods of how to clean A Longchamp Bag:

1. Using Alcohol to remove the surface stains:

Now, there are always some kinds of stains that can be rigid and do not go away. They also look really stubborn because they are on the surface of your favorite bag. These surface stains are not easy to scrub off with a simple cloth; these stains are most likely to be the stains of ink. First, try to rub off the stain with any cotton swab or a piece of cloth that has been soaked in rubbing alcohol.

There are so many kinds of rigid surface stains that are more likely to be like grease stains; even these kinds of stains can be removed from the entire surface of the bag with soap and water after rubbing the alcohol over it.

All you need to do is simply dip the cotton swab or a piece of cloth into the rubbing alcohol, and then start rubbing the surface of the bag until the entire stain disappears.  Dip the cotton swab into the rubbing alcohol, then rub the surface of the bag with the swab until the stain disappears. Try to use the rubbing alcohol on the entire surface, but primarily focus it on the stained area.

After doing so much hard work, now let your bag take a breath and get air-dried completely for some time.

2. Remove deep stains with a cleansing cream.

There are obviously a lot of stains that have been there for a longer period, and now they are like set deeply on the surface of your bag. But now that we are cleaning, make sure that you do not leave any of such stains back after cleaning. Simply make sure you are using a poster that is made of cream, lemon juice, and tartar.

Deep stains can be stains which include stains of blood, wine, any curry food or it can be anything.

Now, let’s see how to prepare this cream of tartar and lemon juice. Take a 1:1 combination of tartar and lemon juice. Keep mixing the combination until it turns out to be a thick, fine paste of both of them. Now, after preparing this combination, apply a very generous amount of this combination to the affected area of the bag and then simply let it rest for about 10 minutes.

Once you have applied the paste generously to the affected area, let it sit for a good amount of time, and then you can simply wipe it off with a clean, cotton swap and dry cloth.

3. Mix a mild soap solution.

Another alternative method is to keep your Longchamp bag clean and shiny, like a new one. Take 2 cups of lukewarm water for about 500 ml. Now add a few drops of mild liquid soap, which is also dye-free.

Now, you can use this solution of soap and water on spots that are light in nature in a leather bag. You can also use this combination of water and soap to clean any leather bag. This mix can be used as often as once a week.

Make sure you are using the mildest soap that you can find on the market, just to make sure that there is minimum risk of dehydration or any kind of damage that can occur to the leather.

4. Use a soft cloth to gently scrub the bag.

Now, let’s dip a piece of clean cloth in the soapy solution and squeeze all the excess water out of it. Now, it’s time to gently wipe away all the dirt that has accumulated on your leather bag.

This is a solution that can help you get rid of dirt from inside and outside the bag. But before starting to clean off the bag, you have to make sure you are taking all the stuff out of it.

Now, you just have to slightly moisten the leather part of the bag and no other part. But make sure you are not soaking it in water.

5. Buff dry.

In this method, you can use a clean, dry cloth, and with a very gentle hand, you can buff the surface of your Longchamp bag while it is still in a moist situation. You can keep buffing the leather bag until you feel like the surface has really left all the moisture out of it.

Once the Longchamp bag is completely dried out after buffing from the cloth, you can let it dry out completely and allow it to sit in an open area and under sunlight, especially when it is been cleaned from the inside. Before you start keeping all the stuff in your bag, make sure it has been thoroughly cleaned.

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Well, guys, it’s great that you have stuck with me throughout this topic, and I am sure you have received answers to your questions. Now that we have been through almost every method, from official guidelines to household master techniques, to be very honest about this, all the techniques that have been mentioned in this article are very result-oriented and simple to use.

You can go for any technique; my favorite is using the rubbing alcohol one because it is very effective, easy to use, and very cost-effective. But of course, you can use any of the above-mentioned techniques because they are all great and will clean your bag perfectly.

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