How to Clean and Re-tape Hair Extensions

How to Clean and Re-tape Hair Extensions

Tape extensions are delicate, and this is what makes them hard to clean. This guide will let you know how to clean and re-tape hair extensions easily and efficiently.

People often choose hair extensions to change their overall appearance. These extensions not only change the look but also add volume and length to the hair. Natural hair gets a different addition when you opt for hair extensions. Among the multiple types of hair extensions, tape hair extensions get special recognition.

These tape extensions are easy to install, making them an ideal choice for the salon experts and the client simultaneously. Well, it is crucial to know that removing them is quite tricky when doing it on your own. Cleaning the tape extensions becomes even more tricky when you are not an expert.

However, this process is no more tricky, as you can consider following this guide on how to clean and re-tape hair extensions. The important points related to hair extensions are mentioned here, along with the detailed process to keep them in the best possible condition and shape. Let us elaborate more:

Know About Hair Extensions and Its Various Types

Hair extensions are nothing new when it comes to the fashion world. Anyone who does not have the desired natural hair often prefers hair extensions. These not only add volume but also make the natural hair appear thicker. They are super easy to install on the hair and scalp and require minimum effort as well as time.

Amongst the vast array of hair extensions available, tape-in extensions remain the most preferable, as they require the minimum amount of time and are incredibly convenient. The reason for their popularity is the convenience they provide in the long run. Having said that, tape-in extensions have adhesive tape that allows them to get fixed into your hair and scalp. 

The major benefit that you get from the tape-in extensions is that they are capable of being used repeatedly. When we talk about the other extension types, they need to be reinstalled all over again. Instead, the tape extensions can be cleaned and used several times. Every time you install them, they blend in with the natural hair and give you an enhanced look.

Some of the major types of hair extensions might also include the following:

  • Sew-in Extensions
  • Clip-in Extensions
  • Bonded Extensions 
  • Tape-in Extensions 

Why Cleaning Hair Extensions Matters?

Why Cleaning Hair Extensions Matters?

When you are going to learn how to clean and re-tape hair extensions without knowing the goal of cleaning them, it will make your task tricky.

It is better to have an insight into the reasons why cleaning tape-in extensions matters and then go through how to clean and re-tape hair extensions. The reasons include:

1. Eliminate Potential Risks:

Cleaning and re-taping the hair extensions play crucial roles when it comes to eliminating the potential damage and risks. When you clean the tape-in extensions, you can rest assured that the adhesive used in them is intact and will not be lost over time. Less adhesive will make the hair extensions susceptible to multiple risk factors.

2. Keep them Intact:

When you remove and re-tape your hair extensions after cleaning them, they become even stronger. This means that your hair extensions will stay in place for long periods of time. These hair extensions are capable of being used multiple times when their adhesive remains intact.

3. Preserves Hair Extensions:

Cleaning and maintaining the tape-in hair extensions is also helpful to keep them in the best condition possible. Cleaning them will eliminate all the dirt, oil, and other dust particles from them. Re-taping the adhesive after cleaning them preserves your hair extensions, and they can have the same function for an extended period.

4. Minimal Costs:

The costs also get automatically reduced when you choose to clean and maintain your tape-in hair extensions. When the condition of the hair extension is good, you will not need to go for reinstallation. This will also reduce the time that you might have to spend in salons for hair extension procedures.

Thorough Guide on How to Clean and Re-tape Hair Extensions

Let us now delve into the steps of how to clean and re-tape hair extensions. For better cleaning, the supplies need to be readily available. You cannot rely on simple methods and normal cleaning supplies. The supplies must be of high quality and must also suit the instructions given in the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Major supplies on the list include the following:

  • Your Regular Shampoo
  • Hydrating Conditioners 
  • Microfiber Clothes
  • Broad Comb 
  • Spray Bottle 

Prepare Your Tape-in Hair Extensions 

As we know, cleaning has a major role to play when it comes to the enhanced performance of your tape-in hair extensions. It becomes even more essential to boost the longevity and quality of the pre-installed tape-in hair extensions. To clean your tape-in hair extensions, let us start with some preparatory steps.

Removing the Tangled Parts from the Tape-in Hair Extensions 

The process of how to clean and re-tape hair extensions can be started only when your tape-in hair extensions are free from tangles and all. The tangled hair will make the process complicated, and it might be painful as well. Well, tangled hair and knots contribute to making the cleaning process difficult.

To eliminate all these risk factors, your hair must be smooth while opting for tape-in hair extension cleaning. You will need a broad comb with wide teeth so that you can remove the tangled hair and any potential knots.

No matter how time-consuming this process is, being careful is the key to easy tangle removal. Be extra attentive when you have been wearing the hair extension for so long. This might have created much more mess and knots all around the tape-in hair extension.

Another point worth noting is that you must be considerate of your hair extensions and treat them with care. Any harsh behavior with them can potentially damage the extensions. This is what matters when removing the tangled hair and knots.

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Steps to Clean Your Tape-in Hair Extensions

Steps to Clean Your Tape-in Hair Extensions

Now that we are prepared with essential supplies and detangled hair extensions, cleaning them must not be an overwhelming task. These straightforward steps on how to clean and re-tape hair extensions can be the most helpful to them:

Step 1: Wet the Hair Extensions 

You may begin the process by wetting your hair extensions. You must avoid overlooking this step because wetting your hair will ultimately be beneficial for removing loose dust particles. Warm water is recommended while wetting your hair extensions. If you are using hot water, then it could become an issue. The fact is, hot water is not good for your hair extensions.

Step 2: Application of Your Regular Shampoo

Consider the next step delicately which is the application of your shampoo. Your regular shampoo can do the work but it is equally necessary to make sure that it does not contain any harmful chemicals. You will need to start by taking the shampoo in your hand and then applying it to your hair scalp.  

The roots of your hair must be given special attention ensuring that they get the shampoo. Massaging your hair and scalp is important but do not over-rub any part or else the hair can get tangled and this will ultimately cause pain while shampoo removal. When done, rinse out the components from your hair using clean water.

Step 3: Conditioner Application 

Once you are done with shampooing, the next step is the application of the conditioner. Talking about the shampoo and conditioner, both can be similar to what you are using in your routine. It is worth noting that it must be free from harmful chemicals.

It is always suggested that hair conditioning is an important step to keeping your natural hair smooth and healthy. This is similarly important when we are maintaining our tape-in hair extensions. After rinsing off the shampoo, opt for your regular conditioner and apply it thoroughly all over the hair strands.

Step 4: Drying the Hair Extensions

During this application, you may experience a silky and smooth texture, giving the hair extensions a better and cleaner overall appearance. After that, simply initiate the drying process. This may take time, depending on the length and thickness of your tape-in hair extensions. Allow adequate air circulation to let them dry completely.

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Simple Steps to Re-tape Hair Extensions

After all the steps are completed successfully, re-taping the hair extensions can be started. This process also has some important steps to consider in its implementation. The process remains straightforward and includes the following steps:

Step 1: Clean and Choose the Appropriate Tape 

As we have discussed the cleaning process already, it is time for you to know the re-taping steps. Foremost, choosing the most suitable tape according to your needs and the quality of your hair extensions is vital.

Considering the old tape, it might be beneficial here. However, double-sided tapes are the most accurate and must be specifically designed for the hair extensions you have chosen.

Step 2: Application and Attaching the Extensions

Reapplication of the tapes to your cleaned extensions is going to be a tricky game for you. Nevertheless, you can apply the tapes when cut into appropriate small sizes, depending on the wefts’ size. Apply the fresh tape to each weft, ensuring that the adhesive part remains untouched.

When applied, remove the double-sided tape from either side, and your hair extensions are ready to be attached to your hair scalp. Make different parts in your natural hair so that these extensions can be set appropriately. Apply each weft with force so that they can be in place and not get removed too soon.

Wrapping Up: How to Clean and Re-tape Hair Extensions

When you have proper cleaning schedules and maintain them adequately, tape-in hair extensions can be kept in their original condition for many years. You need to go through the maintenance tips and manufacturer’s guidelines to keep the hair extensions in optimal condition.

Wet hair extensions become more susceptible to damage and adhesive loss. It is better to follow all the steps and tips mentioned in this guide on how to clean and re-tape hair extensions to get the best results. Tape-in hair extensions are a worthy choice if you handle them appropriately.

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