How to Clean a Volleyball Properly In 2024: The Ultimate Guide

How to Clean a Volleyball Properly

How to Clean a Volleyball Properly

No matter if you’re a volleyball enthusiast or a casual player, you must know how to clean a volleyball appropriately. Learn more in this outlined guide:

No one is unfamiliar with the game of volleyball. Regardless of your player type, maintaining a clean volleyball is crucial to maintaining its hygiene, longevity, and performance. Through this in-depth article, we’ll walk you through the detailed steps on how to clean a volleyball perfectly.

We’ll also provide you with valuable insights into the thorough process, additional tips, and the cleaning tools required. Now, you don’t need to step on the volleyball court with a dirty volleyball as it’ll remain presentable when you follow our thorough guide. Let’s dive in to explore more:

What Is The Importance Of Cleaning A Volleyball?

Going through the cleaning technique remains secondary, foremost, we need to learn the importance of volleyball cleanliness. Some of the irresistible reasons are mentioned in the following section:


During gameplay, volleyballs come into contact with players’ hands, bodies, and the ground, amassing sweat, dust, and germs. Without ordinary cleansing, those contaminants can harbor microorganisms and pathogens, posing health dangers to players. Proper cleansing helps mitigate the spread of infections and ailments among gamers.


A smooth volleyball maintains its grip and texture, ensuring top-quality performance at some point in gameplay. Dirt and grime buildup on the ball’s surface can affect its aerodynamics, main to inconsistent ball motion and unpredictable trajectory. By preserving the volleyball smooth, gamers can maintain management and accuracy in their photographs, passes, and serves.


Regular cleaning helps preserve the integrity of the volleyball’s materials, together with its outer cowl and inner bladder. Dirt and particles can cause premature wear and tear, leading to cracks, tears, or punctures in the ball. By casting off contaminants and well keeping the volleyball, gamers can increase their lifespan and decrease the frequency of replacements, saving money and time ultimately.


Clean volleyballs perform better as well as look engaging. An accurately unkept volleyball improves the general stylish appeal of the game, adding to a positive playing experience for the two players and onlookers. Also, Clean Gear thinks about determining the incredible skills and commitment of the players and groups included.

A Walkthrough on How to Clean a Volleyball

Now that you’re familiar with the requirements for a cleaned volleyball, let’s jump into the main section— how to clean a volleyball. Here we’ve mentioned the required cleaning tools, the major cleaning steps, and some additional tips to make your cleaning even more efficient while maintaining the quality of the volleyball. 

Materials Needed For Cleaning

A cleaning process can only be accomplished with the use of proper tools and pieces of equipment. Having that said, it’s important to have the following tools handy while cleaning your volleyball effectively:

  • Mild Soap and Detergent: Always consider using a mild detergent or soap to clean out your volleyball. If your regular detergent and soap are gentle, then it’s suitable for cleaning. 
  • Water Source: You must also have access to a clean water source as it’s needed to dilute the cleaning agent or soap and rinse off your volleyball.
  • Soft Sponge and Cloth: It’s suggested either to have a soft sponge or a lint-free cloth to scrub the ball’s surface without causing abrasions or any other harm. 
  • Towel: You can either use paper towels or a clean and soft ordinary towel to wipe off the surface and your hands as well. 
  • Optional Tools: It’s nothing bad to have some optional tools handy in your toolkit. Consider keeping disinfectant spray and gloves to deal with heavily soiled and dirty volleyball.

Steps For Cleaning The Volleyball

By following the mentioned methodical steps, you not only learn how to clean a volleyball properly but also get an insight into the assurance of keeping it in the most optimal condition. You need to do:

Preparatory Steps: 

  • Foremost, you need to opt for a spacious and well-lit area to work at. 
  • Once you get to such a place, take all your tools to the decided place. Ensure not to forget any important equipment.
  • Lay all the tools and pieces of equipment in a manner you get access to whatever is required. 

Surface Cleaning Method:

  • Start with dampening a soft cloth or sponge into lukewarm water. 
  • Ensure that it only gets dampened and is not dripping wet. 
  •  Put a small amount of either soap or detergent onto the sponge’s surface. Keep the quantity minimum.
  • Now, with that same sponge, rotate your hands in circular motions and scrub the entire volleyball’s surface. Increase your pressure on the areas that have excessive dirt and soil particles.
  • Don’t go extremely abrasive on the surface or use such cleansers or scrubs to accelerate the process. 
  • Once it’s done, rinse the entire surface multiple times and if required then repeat these steps until you’re satisfied with your cleaning.


  • Remember the paper towels in your toolkit. They’ll be used for drying the ball’s surface. 
  • Use multiple towels to absorb water and moisture from your volleyball. 
  • Allow it sufficient time so that it can self-dry. Don’t think of using heat sources to speed up the drying of your volleyball.

Disinfection (If Required): 

  • Disinfecting the volleyball will not be a bad idea. Consider using a disinfectant spray or wipes for your volleyball.
  • Though you can use any high-quality spray, it’s better to abide by the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations.
  • Do check the application duration and accurate method before you opt for the disinfecting step. 
  • This simple step will help you to get rid of excessive dirt and lingering bacteria if the ball is used in any heavily soiled areas. 

Inspection and Storage:

  • Once you feel like the ball is cleaned appropriately, give it a thorough check to look for any leftover dirt particles and remaining residue. 
  • If you notice any stubborn stains, then spot cleaning methods must be opted for an enhanced cleaning.
  • When all is done, it’s time to store your volleyball. The storage place must be moisture-resistant and no direct heat must reach to that specific place.  
  • Also, you’re advised to protect your volleyball’s integrity by avoiding extreme temperature exposures.

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Tips For Maintaining The Quality Of Your Volleyball

A good player is not only unmatched in their game but also knows how to upkeep their equipment and playing accessories. That being said optimal maintenance can’t be achieved only by regular cleaning, instead, you additionally need to follow some tricks and tips to keep the quality of your volleyball intact. What about these:

  • Add regular cleaning to your routine by washing your ball every time you go for gameplay. It can easily be done using the aforementioned technique.
  • Proper storage is also extremely important to keep your volleyball in the most optimum condition. You shouldn’t keep it in a damp environment or extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • Make certain to inspect the volleyball’s pressure regularly and abide by the manufacturer’s recommended PSI to keep it inflated. Any sort of overinflation will lead to excessive strains on the bladder resulting in premature damage.
  • Regular inspection must also be considered so that you can get to know about any sort of damage, punctures, cracks, tears, etc. beforehand. If you notice any of these issues, be prompt to address them right away.
  • You can also consider separating the volleyball for both indoors and outdoors if you prefer playing in both environments. Choosing the specific type will reduce the simultaneous costs of maintenance.
  • If you’ve multiple volleyballs, then look for rotating them in your practice sessions or even in games. This will put low pressure on a particular ball and each one will get an enhanced lifespan with extended longevity.
  • You must also know the time when your volleyball demands replacement. You can’t play with a single volleyball for a long time so whenever you notice excessive deterioration, replace your ball instantly. 
  • Be mindful to keep your volleyball right during your breaks, etc. They shouldn’t be left in contact with sharp objects, abrasive surfaces, and so on. This could significantly lead to accidental damage.

Final Conclusion: How to Clean a Volleyball 

It’s essential to withstand all the cleaning demands and accurate methods to provide an enhanced life to your volleyball. If you don’t keep your ball maintained, it’ll get damaged and lose its grip before you expect it.

To avoid all such mishaps, be attentive to your volleyball cleaning schedules and choose the right methods outlined for your volleyball cleaning. With basic cleaning criteria, you’ll give your volleyball a better life and yourself an enhanced gaming experience on the court.

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