How to Clean Spark Plugs With WD40 Like A Pro!

How to Clean Spark Plugs With WD40 Like A Pro!

Go through this comprehensively curated guide to learn how to clean spark plugs with WD40 like a pro to ensure optimal vehicle performance. 

Spark plugs are tiny but essential components of your vehicle that play a major role in the optimum functionality of your vehicle’s engine. Unless they’re not in perfect working condition, your vehicle’s engine won’t run appropriately. 

That being said, cleaning the spark plugs remains paramount, and even more important is to use the most accurate cleansers. Though spark plug cleaning is quite straightforward, you can’t go for any random cleansers. This is why we’ve especially elaborated on our article focusing on how to clean spark plugs with WD40. 

Being a high-quality cleaning solvent meant for supreme cleaning properties, it’ll help you clean and maintain the spark plugs like a pro. Read the following sections to get an in-depth knowledge of the cleaning techniques and steps: 

What Spark Plugs Actually Are?

When we talk about the importance and role of spark plugs, they are an undeniable part of internal combustion engines. They ignite the air and fuel mixture which makes the engine work smoothly and optimally. They perform their function inside the engine cylinders by producing an electric spark through the use of electrodes and a metal casing with a ceramic insulator. 

The controlled combustion of the vehicle’s engine allows it to move and propel. Spark plugs are not only important for the engine’s performance but also for emission control and efficiency. With regular maintenance scheduling, you can ensure all of its functions are being performed in the best way possible.  

Why They Should Be Cleaned Optimally?

Before diving into the cleaning process, let’s become familiar with the crucial reasons why the spark plugs are required to be cleaned and maintained perfectly. Some potential reasons are:

  • Improved Ignition: When the spark plugs are cleaned, they will function at their best. It’ll allow a strong and consistent spark making the ignition process smoother. This will ultimately result in an enhanced engine functionality.  
  • Prevents Misfires: There could be misfires due to the dirty and uncleaned spark plugs. It’ll directly result in rough idling, increased emissions, reduced power, etc. When you clean the spark plugs, all sorts of carbon deposits and contaminants are removed efficiently.
  • Boosts Engine Longevity: A well-maintained spark plug retains the integrity of the vehicle’s combustion process allowing less strain on the engine components. This allows you to spend less on the maintenance and replacement costs. 
  • Optimal Fuel Economy: Clean spark plugs are responsible for an efficient fuel economy. Spark plugs allow better ignition allowing you to get the most energy out of the fuel used. This also results in an improved mileage.  
  • Reduced Emissions: When the spark plugs are cleaned, they provide efficient combustion resulting in less unburned hydrocarbons and other potentially harmful emissions. This helps you contribute to a greener environment and abide by the emission regulations. 

What is the Role of WD-40 in Spark Plug Cleaning?

What is the Role of WD-40 in Spark Plug Cleaning?

WD40 is an efficient cleanser that is far better than traditional cleaning agents when it comes to cleaning spark plugs. The unique properties and versatile nature of WD40 make it a reliable cleaning agent. Here are some reasons why choosing WD40 is preferred for spark plug cleaning:

  • Solvent Properties: WD40 contains powerful solvents that effectively dissolves carbon deposits, grease, oil, and other components. This helps restore the spark plug’s conductivity and ensures optimal performance.
  • Penetrating Actions: WD40’s ability to penetrate tight spaces and crevices make it highly effective in reaching and loosening the stubborn buildups on the spark plugs. It seeps into gaps and threads dirt removal even easier. 
  • Lubrication: Apart from cleaning, WD40 provides lubrication to the spark plug threads, making it easier to remove them during the cleanups. This reduces the risk of damaging the spark plug or cylinder head during removal and installation.
  • Versatility: Being a versatile product, it can help in various other automotive maintenance tasks. This versatility allows DIY enthusiasts and professionals use the cleaning solvent without any issue.
  • Water Displacement: WD40’s water displacement properties help protect spak plugs from moisture and corrosion. It forms a protective barrier to prevent rust, corossion buildup, and ultimately boosting the lifespan of your spark plugs

Detailed Walkthrough on How to Clean Spark Plugs With WD40

Now that we have taken an in-depth understanding of all about spark plugs, let’s begin with how to clean spark plugs with WD40. As already mentioned, this remains to be a straightforward procedure, the to-do list includes the following:

Preparing for Spark Plug Cleaning

Without proper preparations, you can’t delve into spark plug cleaning. You’ll need to be fully equipped with the necessary tools and equipment. Also abiding by the safety precautions remains crucial to avoid potential hazards and accidents. For that, do consider the following:

Cleaning Tools

  • WD40 Cleaning Solvent 
  • Wire Brush
  • Lint-free Clothes
  • Paper Towels 
  • Spark Plug Cleaning Tool
  • Safety Gear

Safety Measures

  • You’re suggested to work in a well-ventilated area to avoid the inhalation of harmful fumes. If working indoors, then don’t forget to open windows and doors to ensure proper air circulation and minimize vapor exposure.
  • You must have all the protective gear while performing spark plug cleaning. This is vital to protect your hands and eyes from potential risks. You can also for a PPE kit to ensure complete safety.
  • Make certain the battery of the vehicle is disconnected when you’re cleaning the spark plugs. This will prevnet you from getting shocks and the engine from getting accidentally started. 
  • You’re suggested to wait until the engine cools down completely before you initiate the cleaning process. Hot engine will cause you unwanted burns and you’ll also not be able to remove the spark plugs appropriately.
  • WD40 is a dangerous cleaning agent and you must be extremely careful while handling it. Avoid prolonged contact with your body and don’t keep them near heat sources, open flames, etc. 

The Major Steps to Follow

All things considered, it’s time to delve into the main cleaning steps. Here are the steps mentioned which will help you to clean spark plugs with WD40 in a breeze. Have a look:

  1. Foremost, you should be peapred with a well-ventilated workspace. It’s better to work in an open area with all your protective gear on and ensuring optimal safety.
  2. Meanwhile you’re preparing the workspace, consider turning the engine off and let it cool down sufficiently. This will require around thirty minutes.
  3. To protect any mishap, disconnect the battery and make certain you’re safe to initiate the cleaning. Get access to the spark plugs followed by removing them.
  4. Once you locate them, give it a thorough inspection to know about damage, fouling, etc. Also, focus more on the areas where carbon buildup is extreme. 
  5. Now, spray the WD40 spray all over the spark plugs, ensuring that electrodes, threads, and insulators are fully covered. 
  6. Allow sufficient time to let it penetrate the contaminants and stubborn carbon buildups. 
  7. Use your wire brush to begin with the scrubbing of the spark plugs. Be gentle while doing so and always prefer circular motions. Pay extra attention to heavy buildup spots and stains. 
  8. When you’re satisfied with your cleaning, wipe down the surface accurately. For this, you’ll need a lint-free cloth or paper towels. Ensure that each particle of residual components and WD40 is wiped properly.
  9. Once all this is completed, you can move further to the reinstallation process. Follow the guidilnes on the manual and reinstall the plugs into respective head sockets.
  10.  Make certain that ignition coil and plug wires are connected well before you begin with reconnecting the battery. Start your engine and make sure that it is working optimally.

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Additional Tips for Optimal Results

To give a boost to your cleaning process and give even more optimal results, consider following these tips:

  • Consider investing in a specialized cleaning tool meant for spark plugs including wire brushes, etc. These tools work the best when it comes to handle the carbon deposits and dirt particles accumulated in the spark plugs.
  • Though WD40 is an effective cleaning solution, you must be attentive while applying it. If you apply excessive WD40, it will enhance the residual buildup instead of cleaning it.
  • Whenever you remove spark plugs for cleaning, give each one of them a thorough inspection. This will help you know about any potential damage so that you can fix it at the earliest.
  • It’s highly recommended to abide by the instructions given in the user manual to make sure that you choose the most accurate cleaning tools, methods, and techniques that too at regular intervals.
  • Allow yourself to go for a thorough maintenance checks and schedules timely to ensure the optimal performance of your vehicle and its engine. Opting for professional guidance for this is probably not a bad idea.

Final Thoughts: How to Clean Spark Plugs With WD40

In conclusion, you don’t need to be a pro for cleaning spark plugs, instead, you can do this by following some basic steps and tricks. By incorporating the things outlined in this guide based on how to clean spark plugs with WD40, you can simply master the cleaning requirements and ensure an optimal performance.

Don’t forget to prioritize safety and consider manufacturers’ recommendations. Be mindful while embracing the seamless benefits of WD40 for your vehicle’s spark plugs. 

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