How To Clean Your Lange Straightening Brush Easily and Fast

Want to give your hair the best-styled straight look? Go through the following article on how to clean your Lange Straightening brush to attain that.  

The core element of getting the best out of your hair styling tool remains the maintenance schedule you provide to those tools. No hair-styling appliance or tool will work effectively until it’s optimally maintained. That said, when you want to get the best performance from your hair straighteners, you’ll first need to learn how to maintain them well. 

In the following comprehensively curated guide, we’ll take you on the walkthrough of learning how to clean your Lange straightening brush effectively. We’ll elaborate on all the necessary points along with the cleaning frequency and requirements outlined for your straightening brush. Read more here:

What is a Lange Straightening Brush?

As we all are familiar with the brand name Lange, they are well known for their hair styling and grooming products. A Lange straightening brush is also added to the list of revolutionary hair styling products. It’s undeniably used for smoothening and straightening your hair. 

The functionalities of a conventional hairbrush are combined with the straighteners’ features making it an exceptional tool. It features heated ceramic bristles that glide through hair, gently straightening and eliminating frizz with each pass. 

The brush’s adjustable temperature settings remain suitable for numerous hair types. Additionally, its ergonomic layout ensures it’s comfortable throughout the entire use. It’s also ideal for full styling sessions, the Lange Straightening Brush offers a salon-like look on your own, making it a reliable choice for every person seeking glossy and polished hair.

Why Cleaning Your Lange Straightening Brush Matters?

Before we start learning how to clean your Lange straightening brush, it’s crucial to understand why cleaning a Lange brush matters. The following reasons will give you an insight into the cleaning necessities of your Lango straightening brush. Have a look:

  • Hygiene: When you properly clean the Lange straightening brush, you comply with the hygiene standards for safe hair styling. Over time, hair products, oils, and particles can gather on the brush’s bristles, developing a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Cleaning eliminates those residues, lowering the risk of scalp infections and selling healthier hair.
  • Prolonged Lifespan: If there are residual particles left on the brush surface, then it’ll simply lead to wear and tear more frequently. Regularly cleaning your straightening brush keeps the risk of damage to the heating elements and bristles away resulting in a prolonged lifespan. This will also save you from premature replacements.
  • Performance: A cleaned and well-maintained straightening brush means a better performance. Product buildup can impact the comb’s capability to drift smoothly through hair, resulting in undesired straightening and styling. By retaining the brush clean, you can maintain regular heat distribution allowing it to work efficiently. 
  • Hair Health: A grimy brush can switch buildup and residue again onto your freshly cleaned hair, leaving it dull, greasy, and at risk of breakage. By cleaning your brush frequently, you make sure that only clean, residual-free bristles come into touch with your hair, allowing shine, softness, and average hair fitness.

When to Clean Your Lange Straightening Brush?

When you’re familiar with the cleaning frequency of your hair straightening brush, you automatically become one step closer to keeping it in the most optimal condition. We’ve elaborated on the same through the following section:

  • After Every Use: It’s highly suggested to dispose of any hair or debris from your straightening brush right away after each use. This prevents buildup and ensures that the brush is ready for the subsequent styling consultation.
  • Weekly Basis: Aim to provide your Lange Straightening Brush with a deeper cleaning session every week. This enables do away with any product residue, oils, and dust that could have accrued throughout the period, specifically in case you use styling products often.
  • Visible Buildup: If you notice visible buildup at the bristles or if the comb becomes sticky or less effective, it is a clear sign that it is time for a thorough cleansing. Don’t wait until the buildup becomes excessive, as it may affect both the overall performance of the comb and the health of your hair.
  • Before Storage: Before storing your straightening brush, in particular for a prolonged duration, make certain it’s clean and completely dry. This prevents mold and microorganism growth and ensures that your brush is in pinnacle circumstance whilst you want it subsequent.

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Thorough Guide on How to Clean Your Lange Straightening Brush 

Depending on the cleaning requirements, you can choose the most suitable technique. Here you can learn about deep cleaning methods and general cleaning techniques. Go through the following sections and choose what suits you best:

Simple Cleaning Method

If you don’t find a lot of cleanable stuff on your Lange straightening brush, then you can go with the simple cleaning method. Here’s how to do that:

  • Every time you use your straightening brush, remove hair and other residual components gently. You may either use your hands or a soft brush to loosen those particles and remove them effectively. 
  • With a dampened cloth or sponge, gently wipe off the straightening brush and its bristles. Ensure that the cloth or the sponge is only dampened and not completely wet while wiping the straightening brush. 
  • Allow the Lange straightening brush to dry appropriately before you pack it back in the box or use it all over again. Keep a check on the place where you’re placing your Lange straightening brush to avoid extreme moisture exposure. 

Deep Cleaning Techniques

Sometimes general cleaning is not sufficient to clean the Lange straightening brush at its best. To address the stubborn particles and hard residual particles, you’ll need to consider deep cleaning techniques. Here are some most commonly used ones among which you can use the most preferable method:

Soaking Method:

  • Foremost, you’ll need a water-filled sink or container in which you need to submerge the Lange straightening brush. You can also add a small amount of shampoo or soap as per availability and needs.
  • Only submerge the bristles of the brush into it for around ten to fifteen minutes followed by which give a gentle scrub on the heavily residual buildup areas. 
  • Rinse it thoroughly and then shake it well so that water traces are completely removed. Keep it for naturally drying up to the suggested timespan.

Vinegar Solution Method:

  • Foremost, you’ll need to equal components of white vinegar and water in a bowl or any other container.
  • Submerge the brush bristles within the vinegar solution and let it soak for a maximum of twenty minutes. Vinegar facilitates break down product buildup and disinfects the bristles.
  • After soaking, you can either use a soft brush or a sponge to wash the bristles gently.
  • Rinse the comb thoroughly with water to take away any vinegar residue.
  • Ensure optimal time for the Lange hair straightening brush to completely dry before storing it.

Baking Soda Paste:

  • Begin with making a paste by mixing baking soda with a small amount of water.
  • Apply the paste to the bristles of the Lange Straightening Brush, paying extra attention to the spots with stubborn buildup.
  • Take the help of a soft, old toothbrush to gently scrub the bristles, running the paste into the bristles.
  • Let the paste sit on the brush for a maximum of twenty minutes to permit it to break down the accumulation.
  • Rinse the Lange straightening brush thoroughly with water to cast off the baking soda paste.
  • Air dry the brush completely before you go for storing it or use it all over again.

Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Well, when you’re cleaning the Lange straightening brush, allow yourself to avoid some mistakes for a successful cleaning. We’ve mentioned some of them here:

  • You should not use abrasive cleaners and bleaching solutions to clean the straightening brush. Always stick to mild shampoo or specialized cleaning solutions to maintain the integrity of your brush.
  • Submerging the entire Lange brush in water is highly prohibited as it could cause internal components to get electrical faults and hinder its functionality. Be cautious while cleaning the multiple components of the brush. 
  • Don’t expose the hair straightening brush to extreme heated sources while cleaning or performing any other maintenance activity. Such temperature exposure can cause the bristles to melt down and make them ineffective. 
  • You should not neglect to allow the hair straightening brush proper time to dry. If you find it to be useless, then you might end up facing issues related to damage and other replacement requirements. 
  • If you neglect to remove any sort of product buildup, then it might require excessive effort while cleaning it later on. Every time you use the brush, consider removing the hair strands and other residual particles so that there’s no accumulation of large amounts of debris in the long run. 

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Tips for Prolonging the Lange Straightening Brush Lifespan 

Now that you’ve cleaned your Lange straightening brush, it’s time to consider suggestions so that you can extend its lifespan. You can simply attain this when you abide by the following tips:

  • Providing proper storage to your straightening brush remains more than necessary when not in use. Place it in its original packaging and ensure that it’s not exposed to direct light sources, moisture, and extreme temperature fluctuations. 
  • You also need to handle the Lange straightening brush with supreme care. You shouldn’t bang or hit them on hard surfaces to prevent premature damage and replacements. 
  • Whenever you use a straightening brush on your hair, avoid tugging or pulling excessively to save damage to the hair and the brush. Use gentle strokes to easily glide the brush via your hair, detangling knots before straightening. Minimizing pressure at the bristles facilitates a longer lifespan and better performance. 
  • Use the straightening brush consistent with the producer’s instructions and keep away from exposing it to immoderate heat for extended intervals. Overheating can damage the internal components and reduce their lifespan. Follow temperature settings appropriately and allow proper time to the brush between uses to prevent overheating.
  • Performing regular cleaning protects you from putting in additional effort while deep cleaning. Cleaning the brush right after each use doesn’t let accumulation of large amounts of debris. When regular cleaning is followed by deep cleaning schedules, it helps you get the best performance from the Lange straightening brush. 

Final Conclusion: How to Clean Your Lange Straightening Brush

By incorporating some simple tips and considerations into your hair styling routine, you can make certain that your Lange straightening brush is optimally maintained. This simultaneously ensures safe and high-end functionality for longer periods. 

The major worth considering points remain scheduling proper cleaning and allowing it optimal storage. Apart from this, you may also get help from the techniques and suggestions mentioned in our guide on how to clean your Lange Straightening brush. Never forget to prioritize safety whenever opting for deep cleaning schedules.

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